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Tips and Tricks: Developing Your Palate for Cigars

Let’s talk about developing your palate. When I first started smoking cigars I couldn’t tell what flavors I tasted, and like most beginner smokers relied purely on my visceral reaction to the cigar. I couldn’t tell you why I liked or disliked a cigar, but I could tell you adamantly what I liked and disliked. For the causal smoker this is probably as deep as they care to foray into the world of cigars, but I was intrigued and wanted to gain a better understanding of what it was that made me enjoy one cigar over the other.

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Editorial: Deciphering Cigar of the Year Lists

This is the time of year that publications, websites and passionate cigar smokers start releasing their “Cigar of the Year” lists. Not all of these lists are created equally though, so we wanted to point out what some of the differences are, what you should be looking for and what to take into consideration when evaluating them or comparing them to other lists.

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