About Us

The concept behind Blind Man’s Puff™ is to see a cigar reviewed from multiple experienced cigar smokers, with the added benefit that each reviewer will not know the brand or name of the cigar. As consumers, we often have preconceived notions about the cigar we smoke, whether good or bad, based on their brand or vitola. Sometimes we can get stuck in the habit of only smoking certain brands that we know we like, or we are hesitant to try new ones. The goal of Blind Man’s Puff™ is to broaden smoker’s horizons and possibly get an appreciation for cigars they would have written off or not tried otherwise. There may also be surprises the other way. We may review a cigar that most people think is synonymous with greatness only to find it’s overrated, and we may also see a high score on a cigar that most shops would have in the bargain bin. Take the journey along with us, and let’s see what happens along the way. Thank you for making Blind Man’s Puff™ your go-to source for honest and unbiased cigar reviews, and much more.

To achieve these reviews, the cigars for review are un-banded distributed to the review panelists with only a number on a plain white band. Each reviewer then submits a custom review form that Emmett created with a scoring system, and room for individual notes. Emmett then compiles the numbers using all that statistics stuff we learned in high school that we thought we’d never use like Standard Deviation, and Outliers, then the total average for each category and a weighted total score. Finally, trends and patterns about the cigar in the notes from each review panelist are added to the review.