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Category: Habano

Cigar News: Hamlet Liberation to Launch at 2018 IPCPR

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPPC) will debut the third line of cigars developed by Cuban master blender, Hamlet Paredes.  It is called Liberation by Hamlet, and will be a single size figurado with a tapered head and shaggy foot. It’s meant as a testament to Hamlet’s talent as a cigar roller that is regularly displayed during his countless in-store events nationwide.

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Blind Cigar Review: Ventura | Archetype Sage Advice Gordo Score 88%

Blind Cigar Review: Ventura | Archetype Sage Advice Gordo

“This cigar definitely had personality. It started off with a nice balance of espresso and chocolate with a very nice, mellow after-taste. The second third became more of a strong espresso with hints of chocolate, much like a chocolate brownie after-taste. Finally, it took on the personality of a strong, bold cigar that was basically a strong cup of coffee. There were nice notes of chocolate throughout but became very strong at the end. The construction was solid and the draw, while very easy at first, became just a not tight about half way through. All in all this was nice cigar that would pair well with any strong drink.” -Eric (smalls29)

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Cigar News: La Barba Cigars Releasing One and Only

In 2016, La Barba Cigars released a cigar called One and Only.  At the time, La Barba Founder Tony Bellatto touted the cigar as having well aged tobaccos and a uniques profile.  Tony now has a new version to release in 2018 at the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas.  The new iteration of One and Only will be a 5-country blend with an average age of 10 years per leaf, and wrapped in Ecuadorian Habano.  

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Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | HR103 Nic Score 83%

Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | HR103 Nic

“I struggled with the rating on this one. I ended up giving it the benefit of the doubt and rating it “good” instead of “fair” because it was not in my wheelhouse. Overall, I wouldn’t want to smoke it again. It strikes me as very similar to several homerolls I’ve tried, the flavor profile was overly syrupy, and lacked clarity. I tend to prefer a cleaner flavor profile. It’s not for me, but fans of sweet cigars or sumatra wrappers might appreciate this one.” -Derek (StogieNinja)

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Blind Cigar Review: Drew Estate | Liga Privada T52 Robusto Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: Drew Estate | Liga Privada T52 Robusto

“The cigar started out great with notes of wood and nuts. There was a overlying sweetness to the whole cigar that kept it all as one but had nice transitions throughout. The cigar kept me interested and waiting to see what the next third would be like. The draw was a little loose but I was getting an adbundance of smoke that was neither airy or light. ” -Matt (Mattehh)

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Cigar News: Rocky Patel 15th Gets a New Look

The packaging for the Fifteenth Anniversary cigar from Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPPC) is getting a makeover.  These packaging changes will be introduced at the upcoming 2018 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas.  The new look packaging will begin shipping to cigar shops soon after.  The blend in the Fifteenth Anniversary cigar will not change.  

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Cigar News: Davidoff Re-Releasing Diademas Finas in Celebration of 50th Anniversary

2018 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Davidoff Cigars. Zino Davidoff opened up his flagship store in 1968 which over the last 50 years has grown into one of the largest cigar brands in the world. To celebrate this mile marker, Davidoff is re-releasing  the Diademas Finas, which was first released in 2006 which would have been Zino Davidoff’s 100th birthday. This limited edition comes in four vitolas, each with it’s own porcelain jar. Each jar is numbered and has it’s own humidification device. Each jar is it’s own art designs, created by French artist Mariane Léger. These designs are also used in the new Davidoff 50th anniversary “Caves du Monde” humidors, exclusive lighters, Limited Edition ashtray, pipes and pipe tobacco.

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Cigar News: Diesel Unveils Whiskey Row

Diesel has been a well know presence in cigar shops and from online retailers for a number of years now.  Very soon, fans of the brand will have another reason to smile, as Diesel presents Whiskey Row.  As with the rest of the Diesel portfolio, they are blended by AJ Fernandez.  This cigar was also developed in conjunction with Rabbit Hole Bourbon, a new distillery in the bourbon category. Whiskey Row uses some binder leaves that were aged in bourbon barrels, using a proprietary process developed by AJ to enhance the profile of the cigar.

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CIgar News: First Ever TAA Exclusive for Gurkha Cigars

Over the years, the cigar industry has seen many special releases for the Tobacconist Association of America (TAA).  Of those releases, many of the biggest brands in the industry have been represented, with a notable exception.  Gurkha Cigars, one of the most widely recognized premium cigar brands in the world, never released a limited TAA Exclusive cigar.  That all changes this year. 

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Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | DBL Press No. 1157 Score 88%

Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | DBL Press No. 1157

“Good smoke. For someone who enjoys milder cigars that aren’t tremendously challenging, this would be a nice cigar. Construction was on point aside from some initial draw concerns.
Flavor wise it wasn’t a big show, but if you like nice flowery cigars, this is definitely one. Probably wouldn’t be bad with coffee on a Sunday morning.” -John I. (John I.)

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Cigar News: Cubariqueño Announces Protocol Official Misconduct

Cubariqueño Cigar Co. has announced their fourth regular production cigar: Protocol Official Misconduct. Like all other Protocol cigar, they are being rolled at La Zona in Esteli. This will be initially available in one size, a 6 x 50 toro in boxes of 10 priced at $98.90 for the box. Official Misconduct carries on the tradition of Law Enforcement names for their cigars as owners Juan Cancel and Bill Ives are polices officers.

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