Tips and Tricks: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide
Accessory Review: Xikar | Cigar Locker

Tips and Tricks: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide

Every year, cigar smokers and their loved ones struggle to find the perfect gift. Most times, loved ones of a cigar smoker don't know enough about cigars to feel confident in getting them a gift, this is why we present to you the Blind Man's Puff Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide. We have hand-selected gifts in all price ranges for you or your loved one of the hottest new and classic cigars and accessories this year.

Under $25

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift GuideOpus X Cigar

Get someone the ultimate special occasion cigar, the X. The Fuente Fuente X cigar that needs no introduction.

It is one of the most sought-after cigar in the world, an irrefutable icon, the absolute pinnacle of perfection. Stuffed with a rich Dominican filler and binder blend, it's hugged by a one-of-a-kind exotic Dominican sungrown wrapper leaves grown in the rich volcanic soil of Chateau de la Fuente. The tobaccos undergo many years of aging in cognac barrels for a unique taste. It is a status symbol; the taste of luxury. has lots of singles in stock here and you can use coupon code BMP10 for 10% off.

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide Diesel Premier Ashtray Collection

This gift set, perfect for the connoisseur or novice, comes with 5 delicious Diesel cigars and a Diesel Branded melamine ashtray. The cigars alone make it worth the $24.99 this will cost.

Included cigars are Diesel Uncut (5.5″ x 52), Diesel Unholy Cocktail (5.5″ x 52), Diesel Rage (5.5″ x 52), Diesel Unlimited (5.5″ x 52), Diesel Unlimited Maduro (5.5″ x 52) at a about 60% off retail MSRP. Diesel cigars always rated wall on Blind Man's Puff and never disappoint. Buy it here you won't be sorry.

Under $50

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide Box of Ramon Buseo Olancho Vintage Robustos

We reviewed the Olancho Vintage in September and it got a 93 rating. When you consider that these only cost $5 a piece and you can get them in boxes of 10, therefore this is a perfect gift under $50. Click here to buy them.

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift GuideDiesel Uncut d.CT Bundle

Diesel comes from the Mind of AJ Fernandez and has been a staple is many humidors for years. In addition, the Diesel Uncut, is the blend favored by Tabacalera Fernandez's workers. Their latest createion, the Diesel Uncut d.CT, is still bold, and still jam packed with flavor, just with a toned-down intensity.

Diesel Uncut d.CT comes dressed in an Ecuadoran wrapper sitting atop a Nicaraguan binder and long-fillers. The wrapper adds a creamy element to the familiar flavors of black pepper, nuts, cedar, and earth, and the blend is a medium-bodied treat. The potency is dialed down, but the blend will still wallop you with flavor and complexity. In short, it's what you'd expect from a Diesel and at a price that's hard to believe. You can purchase here.

Under $75

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide Xikar Cigar Locker

We just reviewed the Cigar Locker in November, and this all-in-one travel humidor does it all. The Cigar Locker is meant to hold everything you could possibly need for taking cigars on the go. Instead of having to carry your cigars separate from your accessories, this combines everything into one solution. It is made from crush proof high quality ABS molded plastic, and has three separate EVA foam lined compartments. Most of all, it is only $65, a bargain. You can buy one from the website here, and even have it engraved.

Under $100

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide Xikar XO Cigar Cutter

This year at the IPCPR trade show, showed off their newest cutter, the XO. This cutter really is a game changer and anyone that receives this for a gift will be ecstatic. We reviewed the cutter here.

It uses a gear system that keeps the blades at equal distances at all times and allows you to cut with ease. You really have to hold it in your hand, snap the blades open and squeeze the XO shut watching the blades move in perfect harmony to really appreciate the XO. The XO Double Guillotine cutter features an aluminum body, stainless steel blades, planetary geared cutting system with five internal gears, spring-loaded blade release button and 64 RG hole (cuts the cap of up to 70RG cigars). You can buy it from 's website here and even have it engraved.

Over $100

Editorial: Holiday 2016 Cigar Gift Guide Box of Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed

Finally, when price is no object and you only want the best, is your answer. The Box Pressed was released in April and received a 95 rating from us, the highest rating we have given out this year. You can find it on the website here, or google it to find it at various shops.

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