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Cigar News: Crux Limitada IPCPR Ships to Retailers

The Crux Cigars Limitada IPCPR Show Exclusive will soon be available in select retailers.  Crux announced today the cigars are in the Miami distribution warehouse and will begin shipping immediately. The Limitada IPCPR cigar is a limited release, with only 1,000 10-count boxes each year. The cigar is a 5 x 52 box press with the exclusive Engañoso wrapper and finished with a Marblehead cap. This is the third year for this limited release.  MSRP is $10.99/cigar.  

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Quick Cigar Review: Cornelius & Anthony | The Gent Corona

This was a very enjoyable cigar. There were plenty of flavors to keep me interested and kept looking at the cigar like mmmm mmm. This cigar would an excellent choice as your first cigar of the day with your favorite cup of joe. The draw was very nice and open, and had a razor sharp burn that needed no touch ups. I smoked the cigar with an inch to go, and would liked to have continue on, but it went out.

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Blind Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Todos Las Dias Double Wide Belicoso Score 90%

Blind Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Todos Las Dias Double Wide Belicoso

“I liked the overall mix of flavors although I really could have used more sweetness hanging around in the second and last thirds. This is a predominantly leather an mineral taste cigar with the beginning offering a nice splash of pepper and spice and the cocoa and chocolate notes bouncing in and out. I think the vitola is perfect and if it was any longer I would have had enough. Tasty and interesting to say the least.” -Diana (ArmyRN)

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Blind Cigar Review: La Aurora | Preferidos Diamond Broadleaf Toro Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: La Aurora | Preferidos Diamond Broadleaf Toro

“Overall this was a solid performing smoke. A bit full bodied and strong for sure, make sure you have something in your stomach before smoking this bad boy, it will hit you going into the second half. Flavors were spot on for a full bodied smoke and diverse enough to make it interesting. Try one out, may be your next full bodied goto!” -John A. (Bostoneo)

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Quick Cigar Review: Oscar Valladares | Altar Q Sumatra

This was a really nice cigar, and I’m surprised by how well it preformed given that it was on the IPCPR show floor last week, and already in stores. Yes, I purchased this one. The flavors were mostly honey with a nuttiness and a bit of coffee and some spice. As I mentioned before the burn was top notch, and not one touch up was needed. I really enjoyed this cigar, and I think it would make a nice 1st stick of the day, but bear in mind this is a toro, so there is some time commitment, as this cigar last me right around 95 mins.

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Blind Man’s Puff IPCPR 2018 Live Coverage

This year we are doing things a little different for IPCPR. Instead of taking a bunch of pictures and videos and writing articles later, we are doing things LIVE. That’s right, from Today July 13th through Tuesday July 17th, follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts for live pictures and video interviews from the show floor. You can view them all together in the feed below or follow our accounts on each platform.

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Cigar News: Hamlet Liberation to Launch at 2018 IPCPR

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPPC) will debut the third line of cigars developed by Cuban master blender, Hamlet Paredes.  It is called Liberation by Hamlet, and will be a single size figurado with a tapered head and shaggy foot. It’s meant as a testament to Hamlet’s talent as a cigar roller that is regularly displayed during his countless in-store events nationwide.

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Cigar News: New Daniel Marshall Products to Debut at IPCPR 2018

Ever since Daniel Marshall made his first humidor cack in 1982, his products have become synonymous with quality, luxury, and craftsmanship.  In addition to desktop humidors Daniel Marshall also has an extensive line of other cigar accessories, as well as some very nice cigars made at the Plasencia factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.  At the 2018 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas they will introduce an array of new products.  Here is a rundown of what we will see from Daniel Marshall this year.  

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Cigar News: Antigua Esteli Segovias to Launch at IPCPR 2018

Antigua Esteli Segovias will make their debut at the 2018 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas.  The cigars are Nicaraguan puros and made Robusto, Torpedo and Toro.  A box pressed vitola will also be available. The brand launched about two years ago and have been gaining ground ever since.  The Segovias feature Nicaraguan maduro and Habano oscuro wrappers, with top-priming binder and filler leaves.

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