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Cigar News: 1502 XO Lancero Hits Market

The Lancero is the third in the 1502 XO series. The XO series is an annual release, each year getting a different vitola. 2015 saw the wide release of the Toro, and 2016 was the Churchill, and 2017 saw the Salamon. There is a total of 8 vitolas planned. A limited number of 1502 XO Lanceros were sold in 2016 to keep ahead of the FDA deadline with the wide release happening now. 

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Cigar News: Cigar Dojo Announces Protocol K9 with Cubariqueño

Cigar Dojo and Cubariqueño have announced a collaboration in the creation of a new cigar, the Protocol K9. Cubariqueño’s releases have been themed around law enforcement with their Protocol, Probably Cause, and Themis releases. Eric Guttormson’s brother-in-law is a K9 officer so it’s only fitting that their collaboration would center around a K9 theme.

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Cigar News: Boyd Motor Company Offers New Accessory Line

Boyd Motor Company is teaming up with Touch of Modern for a line of smoking accessories. The Lakewood cigar ashtray, the Denver cigar ashtray, Breckenridge cigarette ashtray, the Block cigar rest and the Clous de Paris cigar rest are among the products available in this new line. All  of these products are machined and fabricated in the USA from 6061 billet aluminum. A master machinist with the eye of an artistic flair, Ryan Boyd wanted to offer his entire line all at one place for a limited time.

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Cigar News: Alec Bradley Announces Black Market Filthy Hooligan 2018

Alec Bradley Cigar Company has announced the return of their annual green cigar, Filthy Hooligan, to go along with St. Patricks Day. This marks the fifth year of the release of Filthy Hooligan. The initial blend had Candela wrapped version of the Black Market, now it has evolved into its current format that has two wrapper leaves in a barber pole style.

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Editorial: Puro Sabor 2018 | Introduction

In my most recent trip to Nicaragua I was fortunate to attend Puro Sabor 2018.  Puro Sabor is a celebration of the Nicaraguan cigar industry and the people who make it so wonderful. I had previously been to Nicaragua once before, in the fall of 2015, and I was so grateful to be able to go back again. Since there’s so much to cover about this trip I’ll break it into a series of different articles each covering different aspects of the trip itself. One theme that I hope you’ll notice in all of these articles is the people. The people are the most important aspect of every piece of the cigar industry in Nicaragua. Nothing is more important to the industry than its people and it’s the relationships that make the cigar industry in Nicaragua so beautiful and so wonderful.

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