The Crew

Our team of expert panelists and staff


Emmett Malone (BMP_Emmett)

Malone (BMP_)


Malone is the owner and founder of Blind Man’s Puff, he also contributes reviews as a blind panelist. He lives in beautiful Denver, Colorado and absolutely loves it, taking advantage of skiing in the winter, and hiking in the summer. He has been smoking cigars for over over 11 years now. He appreciates all kinds of cigars from mild-bodied subtlety to gut-checking Pepin-pepper. He enjoys a good bargain stick but also appreciated the extremely rare, expensive, and hard to find.

Adam B. (Bushboy)



He was a lover of the leaf long before his first puff. We all have the memories of the sweet smell of burning tobacco long before we sought out this website. Father of 3, professional in the southeast, happily married and enjoying the good life. Strong believer that there is a time and place for every hand rolled cigar. Scholar of the leaf, fan of the culture and lover of the cigar lifestyle. “Puff slow and enjoy.”

Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)



Matthew is based in Minnesota with his beautiful wife and three wonderful kids, and he has been enjoying fine cigars since the mid 1990s. He joined BMP as a review panelist and writer in early 2016. Matthew is extremely active in the online cigar community and has some experience in the retail cigar business. Most of you probably know him as “”. His education is in Music, and his professional background includes Ministry, Sales Management, Information Technology, and Telecommunications Systems.



Wes Gade (sosacub4life)

Gade (sosacub4life)


lives in “God’s Country” also known as Waverly, Iowa. His passion for cigars is insane. It seems everyone around town calls him “Cigar Dude” or “Hey you are some sort of cigar expert” when in fact he just LOVES cigars and the freedom to smoke them. is very passionate about Cigar Rights and is an Ambassador for Cigar Rights of America. CRA Ambassador 180. While he is not smoking cigars is a Software Programmer. On top of all that he has a 12 year old daughter who is in the running for child of the year! Instagram

Zane Gamble (Zane G.)

Zane Gamble ()

Chief Operating Officer, Panelist

Zane Gamble is the Chief Operating Officer for Blind Man’s Puff.  Zane has a professional background in Operations with 12 years of experience running day to day operations as well as P&L responsibilities of a 78 Million dollar a year contract. Zane is currently in IT doing Product Management for a large software company. Zane has been a review panelist for BMP since 2016 and enjoying premium cigars since 2012.

Jason Harris (JokeySmurf)

Harris (JokeySmurf)


lives in The Gold Country of Northern California and is a husband and father of three. He goes Jokey because he gives explosive presents to his friends…sorta like blowing up some BOTL poor unsuspecting mail receptacle. Has also has some really great German Shepherds. His wife bought him his first good cigar, a Hemingway! He also enjoys fishing.

Derek Whaley (StogieNinja)

Whaley (StogieNinja)


hails from the Pacific Northwest, where he lives with his lovely wife and their five adorable children. When he’s not engaged in church or family activities,  can usually be found on his patio, enjoying a cigar. He has been reviewing for Blind Man’s Puff since 2013.
Ashley C. (CigarGeek89)



Ashley lives in Waverly, Iowa with her 2 kiddos.  She has loved the smell of tobacco since she was young as family members smoked pipes.  Ashley began to dabble in cigars in college which caused her love for the leaf to really grow over the last 4 years.  Besides cigars her other hobbies are fitness and all things booze related.  If only there was a way to do all 3 at once.

Mickey T. (irratebass)



or irratebass as he famously known has been smoking since Aug of 2011. He started smoking cigars thanks to his Brother in Law back in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2011 while watching The Sopranos, “Ton’ made it look so cool”.  Mickey says when he told his wife he was thinking of getting into cigars, they had NO IDEA what they were getting into. Mickey also works at a cigar shop part time, which has the biggest humidor in the state of Indiana.

Ryan H. (Ryan H.)



started smoking cigars 4 years ago. He is from Anderson, Indiana and he is a Vetran of the United States Navy.  He was introduced to cigars by his granddad a very long time ago.   used cigars to help him quit smoking cigarettes.  He works in health care and has since 16 years old.   loves to collect and age cigars and will smoke any cigar at least once.

Dave West (mdwest)

West ()


is a Tennessee transplant now living in the Great State of Texas. An executive in the defense industry, he has been smoking cigars since the “boom” occurred in the early 1990’s, and has been reviewing cigars as a panelist at BMP since 2015. When not smoking cigars, enjoys spending time building rifles, shooting, hunting, and spending as much time as possible in the woods, away from an internet connection or cell signal. He is married, and has four kids that strongly discourage his constant attempts to “unplug”.