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Category: Editorial

Editorial: Don Lucas Cigar Factory | Mundo Autentico – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Since I have already been to some cigar factories, I had some idea what to expect. What was so wonderful about the tour at the Don Lucas cigar factory was the close family atmosphere. While it is a small factory by some standards, they do not cut corners on quality or final product. They meet or exceed some quality control and aging standards that I have seen from other manufacturers. They don’t disclose what daily production rates are, but they vary. It all depends on what leaf they have in stock that day that is ready to be rolled. They do not base anything off production quotas, but only on quality standards. I greatly admire that practice, especially considering how rare it is becoming in the cigar industry.

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Editorial: Roll With It – Home-Rolled Cigars

Something fascinating about mankind… We have the capacity to make things. Of course we also have the capacity to destroy or cause problems, but we hope to strive for the good. When we see craftsmanship or creativity many of us are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. In our past, creativity was a kind of survival skill. We had to create new things like shelter and tools in order to survive or improve quality of life. Since civilization emerged, our creativity has morphed into the aesthetic and the artistic. In some cases, it can even take on a competitive facet. We want to know if we can do it better than the other guy, or we want to know if we can do it at all, thereby competing with ourselves. We want to experiment with our own creative nature. We want to know if we can make what we see others make. We want to know if we can make it better. This has always been a part of our nature, and this trait is responsible for some of the most wonderful things that we still enjoy today.

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Editorial- Puro Sabor – Nicaraguan Cigar Festival 2017 – Day 2

Day two started out with a boat tour of Lake Nicaragua, which we had just seen from a distance the day before. Around the edge of the lake are a ton of tiny inlets or small islands created by the nearby Mombacho Volcano in its last eruption. Along the way, we saw a few monkeys, posh houses, and interesting birds. Unfortunately no bull sharks or American crocodiles.

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Editorial: Puro Sabor | Nicaraguan Cigar Festival 2017 – Day 1

The festival starts out in the city of Granada. Although not known particularly for making cigars, it is Nicaragua’s oldest city. I found Granada to be much more tourist-friendly than my previous visit to Esteli. It is Nicaragua’s sixth most populous city. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua’s most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure. Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, and is allegedly the first European city in mainland America.

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Tips & Tricks: 5 Cigar & Beer Pairings from a Cigar Smoker Who Prefers Lighter Brews

IS A MAN ANY LESS “MANLY” BECAUSE HE’S NOT A BEER DRINKER? Speaking for myself, I never fully acquired a palate for the bitter, malty taste of beer. Maybe because I was always a soda drinker I got spoiled by the sugary taste of Pepsi, 7-Up, and the like, which today I no longer drink. Of course, as I matured, I came to appreciate a few beers, but mostly the lighter, sweeter fare.

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Top 25 – 2015

Voting Process

Each of our 16 panelists were given 10 votes to cast. Our list is made up of cigars that were RELEASED in 2015. The cigars that are eligible do not have to have been reviewed on Blind Man’s Puff, but the panelist must have smoke it at some point themselves.

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Editorial: Operation Esteli 2015

Operation Esteli is a joint effort between and MPI designed to provide education enrichment, food security, nutrition, as well as safe housing and shelter to disadvantaged children in Esteli, Nicaragua. This is the second year for Operation Esteli. In 2014, more than $12,000 was raised, which resulted in the provision of teacher training, school supplies and learning materials, and nutritious school lunches to support more than 700 students, as well providing the funding required to construct a new home for a family in need.

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IPCPR: Video Recap | 2015

Following our attendance to the IPCPR 2015 trade show this past week, we gathered all of the Blind Man’s Puff team that was there so that we could do a recap of the event. We cover things we were excited about going into the show, things we were excited about coming out of the show, cigars we smoked and our overall thoughts about the event and products.

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Editorial: Thoughts on IPCPR 2015

As I did last year, I thought I would take an opportunity to put down some of my thoughts and observations from the IPCRPR 2015 show that was held in New Orleans this past week. Just to be clear, these are my thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of Blind Man’s Puff or any other member of the team here.

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Editorial: Deciphering Cigar of the Year Lists

This is the time of year that publications, websites and passionate cigar smokers start releasing their “Cigar of the Year” lists. Not all of these lists are created equally though, so we wanted to point out what some of the differences are, what you should be looking for and what to take into consideration when evaluating them or comparing them to other lists.

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Editorial Review: G.A.R. | Deli Custom Blending Experience

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this experience. It gave me an opportunity to do something that, until now, was only a dream. And the great thing is, anyone can do it. There are a few things I would add or improve, and hopefully those things will be changed in the future if this becomes more popular. Those few shortcomings are far outweighed by the awesome experience and attention to detail in presentation. I want to thank Natasha and George again for giving me the opportunity to review this product, I really enjoyed the experience and definitely recommend this to all the intermediate and advanced smokers out there.

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