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Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera

Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera

Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera

As a cigar smoker of many years, I have been the proud owner of a few Guayaberas. The casual cigar smoker might not be aware of this traditional shirt and how it related to cigars, but if you have ever been to a cigar festival overseas, or a fancy cigar-related dinner, you probably are familiar.

The guayabera is a men’s shirt differentiated by two vertical sets of pleats that run the length of the front and back of the shirt. It is usually constructed from lightweight linen or cotton, worn untucked, and appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. Guayaberas are popular in the Caribbean, Central America, and Southeast Asia and have been worn by members of the cigar industry for decades.

Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera
Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera

When Joe of Y.A. Bera reached out to me, I was very impressed by his website and the selection of Gauaberas he had to offer. These are a more modern take on this traditional garment as the name suggests offering bright colors, and more fitted styles, while still maintaining the traditional elements that make it true to the heritage.

When I received my Real Dreams in Royally Blue and Platinum sample shirt in the mail, I knew right away the quality was great. The attention to detail on the embroidery and the feel and thickness of the cotton is top notch. I wear a large and the fit was just right for me, where as other Guayaberas I own are pretty loose, this one is more fitted. I love the style of this shirt I picked out with it’s bright colors and classy detailing. It by far outshines my other Guayaberas.

Pricing ranges from $70 – $85 for a men’s shirt, and they even offer ladies dress versions for $90. Now, if you are reading about Guayaberas for the first time, you may scoff at the price, but if you have ever bought one, you know that is quite reasonable, especially with this quality.

My only complaint about this shirt is the pocket. With my other Guayaberas, there are at least two large, wide pockets in which to put multiple cigars. However, in this one there is only one narrow pocket. It can safely fit a cigar approaching 54 ring gauge, anything wider and you are out of luck, and only one at a time. It should be noted that there are other shirts that have more and larger pockets, so my complaint is only applicable to this style. Buy according to your needs and wants, form over function and all.

Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera
Accessory Review: Y.A. Bera | Modern Guayabera

Overall, this is a great piece of traditional, yet modern, cigar clothing. I would not hesitate in recommending this for your formal or casual cigar event if you want to stand out a bit from the crowd. The price is right, and the quality is high, so do yourself a favor and check out the Y.A. Bera website here. Check out even more pics below (sorry ladies, the model is taken). We are also GIVING AWAY a prize pack including a Felix Assouline Sampler Pack and of course your choice of Y.A. Bera Guayabera. Look below for more details and entry form.

Verdict: Great


We have teamed up with Y.A. Bera Clothing for a really exciting and one of a kind prize package. We are giving away:

We are giving away:

1 (ONE) Choice of Y.A. Bera Guayabera and 1 (ONE) Felix Assouline Cigar Sampler


Y.A.Bera shirts are each handmade in order to create an amazing piece of clothing every time. Each shirt is made with pride, decades of craftsmanship, and hand chosen fabrics. These are authentic guayabera shirts made for the modern man.

We’ll be choosing one random winner and contacting them for shipping information, so make sure you use accurate info. Contest ends 11:59PM MST 5/6/18. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to enter. US residents only. Use the PromoSimple app below to enter the giveaway contest and unlock more options to get more entries as you go!