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Announcing “The People’s Stogie” – A Cigar Review Aggregator

From the minds that brought you Blind Man’s Puff comes an entirely new idea, and a brand new site – The People’s Stogie – A Cigar Review Aggregator. The idea is simple, but no one has done it for the cigar world… until now. Think of it as a Rotten Tomatoes® or Metecritic for cigars. Each cigar in our system get’s its own hub page, or “TPS Report.” Our TPS Report distills the opinions of the most respected cigar blogs and magazines online and in print to a single number.

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Blind Cigar Review: Battleground Cigars | Darby Toro Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: Battleground Cigars | Darby Toro

“Very nice. This has been a very good experience. No bitterness at the end. no sour after taste. A nice balance of flavors. There was a primary leathery flavor with a sweet cinnamon after taste. There was a light tingle on the lips at the end. It was a change to be able to enjoy such a balanced cigar all the way through to the end. The after taste was my highlight. A smooth taste that does not linger like bad breathe. This would be anice addition to the humidor and would pair well with a spiced rum.” -Eric (smalls29)

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Cigar News: Burmese Tobacco Trading Company Announces Don Alejo Robaina Cigar

(Miami, Florida) December 7 2017— Burmese Tobacco Trading Company announces collaboration with the world renowned Robaina tobacco family. The Burmese Tobacco Trading Company plans to roll out the Don Alejo Robaina Cigar brand in 2018, with plans to distribute in Europe, North America, and Asian markets. The Don Alejo Robaina brand will be dedicated to the memory of the “Godfather of Cuban tobacco”, Don Alejandro Robaina.

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Blind Cigar Review: Diesel | Grind (2017) Robusto Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: Diesel | Grind (2017) Robusto

“Pretty solid effort. A really darkly attractive cigar with big rich flavors in the earthy/woody range with some interesting side notes of herbs and spices coming in at a few points. I’d love to stick a box of these in the back of my cabinet and forget about them for a year or two. I’ll bet they really sing with a little age. ” -John I. (John I.)

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Cigar News: Oscar Valladares and The Cigar Shop Announce 2012 by Oscar Barber Pole

Carolina-based retailer The Cigar Shop is proud to announce it is teaming up with Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co to produce its second exclusive offering. The offering will be an extension to the 2012 by Oscar line and features the rare combination of a candela wrapper being used in a barber-pole offering in a box-pressed format. The Cigar Shop has commissioned 200 boxes of the new 2012 by Oscar Barber Pole to be exclusively sold at its Monroe, North Carolina; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and online web store

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Blind Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Todos Las Dias Half Churchill Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Todos Las Dias Half Churchill

“This cigar was great in my opinion. A well-built cigar that was very easy to work with. Simple cut, light, and smoke made this cigar very nice. The flavor profile was delicious. There was not a lot of complexity, but the overall smoke and aroma was absolutely pleasant. If I could make one suggestion, I would say to pre-cut the cigar and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. This will allow an ample amount of rest time and will get the remainder of the harshness out of it, so that it will burn and taste great all the way through. Enjoy these, they are worth the buy.” -Steve (ThaGreatWazoo)

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