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Category: Nicaragua

Blind Cigar Review: Ohana | Pulse Maduro Toro Score 93%

Blind Cigar Review: Ohana | Pulse Maduro Toro

“My palate has drifted away from maduros and towards more medium-bodied cigars over the past few years. I’ve probably enjoyed less than a handful of the maduros I’ve smoked in that time, they’re often too oily or muddy or dirt-tasting. This one ranks up there with some of the best I can think of, like El Oso, Tennessee Waltz, or the old Liga Privada No. 9. Very good and highly recommended.” -Derek (StogieNinja)

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Cigar News: Diesel Unveils Whiskey Row

Diesel has been a well know presence in cigar shops and from online retailers for a number of years now.  Very soon, fans of the brand will have another reason to smile, as Diesel presents Whiskey Row.  As with the rest of the Diesel portfolio, they are blended by AJ Fernandez.  This cigar was also developed in conjunction with Rabbit Hole Bourbon, a new distillery in the bourbon category. Whiskey Row uses some binder leaves that were aged in bourbon barrels, using a proprietary process developed by AJ to enhance the profile of the cigar.

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Cigar News: Cigar Dojo and Aganorsa Leaf Announce ReviveR

Cigar Dojo has announced ReviveR, a collaboration cigar with Aganorsa Leaf (formerly Casa Fernandez). This is a very limited production cigar with ony 300 boxes of 10 cigars being sold exclusively through online retailer Atlantic Cigar Company. The price will be $99.95 per box, however, members of the Cigar Dojo app will be given a discount of $89.99 during the first weekend. The word reviver is a palendrome and played a part in the name choice for this release. The cigars are presented in raw-wood boxes and each box contains a genuine Aganorsa leaf, resting just beneath the box’s sliding lid.

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Quick Cigar Review: Warfighter | Garrison 7.62 mm Rosado Toro

Warfighter Tobacco Company have only been around for the past couple of years. I applaud the men behind the brand. The are group of veterans who passed the time during their deployment smoking cigars, and decided to start their own company, from Nebraska no less……this is no small feat, but they did it through blood seat & tears. Congratulations gentlemen.

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Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva Corona Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva Corona

“This was a nice pleasant smoke that I would absolutely smoke again. I believe this was a corona or even a petite corona. There was plenty of transitions to keep my attention. Starting out with wood, chocolate and rye then switching up to earth tones then settling out with cream…..very interesting smoke. ” -Mickey T. (irratebass)

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Blind Cigar Review: Jeremy Jack | JJ14 Corona Gorda Score 92%

Blind Cigar Review: Jeremy Jack | JJ14 Corona Gorda

“In the beginning I was quite impressed with this cigar and enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, I had a hard time putting this cigar down for long. However, it didn’t finish well. My hope is that this was a one off as I would definitely try it again if others had a different experience. I so enjoyed the first two thirds of the cigar so much, that I’m probably scoring this cigar a little high overall. ” -Isaac M. (The Nothing)

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Cigar News: Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2018 Announced

In 2014, Crowned Heads introduced Las Calaveras, a branding scenario meant to pay tribute to loved ones who passed away in a previous year.  Las Calaveras was a great success right away, and has been a release that is anticipated each year by fans of Crowned Heads.  Now, Crowned Heads have announced Las Calaveras EL 2018.  This marks the fifth iteration of the annual release.

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Cigar News: DeSocio Series gets a Rocky Patel Release

The next Alliance Cigar DeSocio series release will come from none other than Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPCC).  The new Rocky Patel DeSocio will be a corona gorda vitola of the highly acclaimed Sun Grown Maduro line.  The Sun Grown Maduro DeSocio will feature Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco, with a classic Connecticut broadleaf wrapper.  The blend is the same that garnered RPCC their highest ever ranking in CA magazine.

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