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Category: Costa Rica

Blind Cigar Review: Mbombay | MQBA Diadem Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: Mbombay | MQBA Diadem

“One of the best cigars that I have smoked this year if not ever. Construction issues aside, this cigar is amazing. I would smoke this thing every day if I had it. The flavors were on point and the transitions kept this cigar constantly feeling fresh; which is quite amazing considering the shear size of this beast. Go out, buy a box and thank me later. ” -Alan (Eulogy)

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Quick Review: Byron | Londinenses Reserva 5 Años

This is such a handsome cigar, it was so well constructed. From the wrapper to the roll it was picture perfect. There were no soft spots, burn issues, and the draw was perfect. The ever changing profile kept me fully engaged. This is more of a medium flavor profile with a just slightly above mild strength. If I’m being very nitpicky I personally would have liked a slightly thicker smoke; but it was in no way thin or wispy. From a price stand point this is definitely more of a special occasion cigar but I would highly recommend one.

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Quick Cigar Review: Mbombay | Classic Torpedo

This is a very good entry cigar into the MBombay portfolio. There is a lot of flavor but not a lot of spice making it a good morning cigar. There was enough transition with the addition of some pepper to keep it interesting. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys milder cigars or an intro into the MBombay brand.

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Cigar News: The LH Claro Original Returns to Wide Release

Nick Syris released the LH Premium Cigar brand to the United States in 2014.  In that release, the LH Claro was one of the blends that was introduced.  The LH Claro originally came clad in a black and gold band over a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf.  Nick did some rebranding in 2015 on the entire LH line of premium cigars, and he also took some time during that period to make some changes to the blend of the LH Claro.

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Cigar News: Mbombay Adds Torpedo to Classic

The MBombay Classic was our the blend MBombay Tobak introduced in May of 2014. Figurados are a more difficult shape to roll at factories and reserved for the more experienced rollers.

Now that training efforts are paying off at the factory, Mbombay has announced the launch of the MBombay Classic Torpedo. The cigars are aged for more than 14 months (which will be adhered to for future batches as well).

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Blind Cigar Review: D’Crossier | Diplomacy Series Golden Blend Robusto Score 84%

Blind Cigar Review: D’Crossier | Diplomacy Series Golden Blend Robusto

“This cigar started very mild and while I was hoping for some change, it remained mild and pretty flavorless throughout. While the cigar’s appearance, draw, and construction is very good overall, it lacked in flavor and depth. I do not think I would recommend this cigar.” -David F. (David F.)

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Blind Cigar Review: MBombay | Gaaja Maduro Torpedo Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: MBombay | Gaaja Maduro Torpedo

“This was a great cigar for a tough day. Earlier today I buried my father so I really needed something to help me relax and this was it. Add to that the fact that I was smoking with my brother (whom I haven’t seen in years) and was in a great cigar lounge (Rudy’s Cigars in Rockford Illinois) and it really made for a good time. If you like great flavors and a medium full strength then I highly recommend you try this. I know I’ll be looking for some as a memorial cigar.” -Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

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Blind Cigar Review: MBombay | Vintage Reserve Lancero 1973

“Perfectly balanced and medium bodied is the best way to sum up this cigar. I had the opportunity to smoke two of these premium cigar offerings… that is like 16″ of cigar.. never once did a harsh flavor cross my palate. On the exhale we had cedar, white pepper, herbs, antique tobacco, malts, and a little bit of sweetness. Retro had a delicious creamy airy lemon cake and cedar. Multi-country blend for sure. Perfect construction and burn. This cigar had flavors that reminded me of a old Cuban cigar from the 1980’s with double the damn body. Aroma had an ancient library smell. This cigar would do very well in the European market. I’m done. Bravo.” -Matt C. (Big Matt)

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Blind Cigar Review: Mbombay | Gaaja

“The first few thirds of of this cigar were light and what I would call harmonious. This cigar feels like it was blended for those with lighter tastes. While I liked some things about this stick, I disliked the wrapper’s frailty and the muddy, final third of the experience. This would be a good stick with coffee in the morning.” -Ryan (Youngryan216)

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Cigar News: MBombay Announces Gaaja

MBombay’s/ Bombay Tobak’s latest brand, Gaaja (Pronounced : Gaa-ya), will be released on July 1st, 2016. In Sanskrit language “Gaja” (Pronounced: guj ), means elephant. They had been working on the blend of Gaaja for more than 4 years. The process involved in logistics and long fermentation of tobacco from countries like Peru and Paraguay, really tested their patience. They had to wait for 3 vintages of the Hybrid Connecticut wrapper leaf for the perfection they wanted. As the elders say, “patience pays off”; hence Gaaja.

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