Artista Cigars Expands Offerings with New Lines at PCA - Cigar News

Artista Cigars Expands Offerings with New Lines at PCA – Cigar News

Cigars, the -based cigar manufacturer, has announced the introduction of three new products set to premiere at the upcoming 2024 in Las Vegas. Among these new offerings are two line extensions for their and Ortiz Series, and a new value cigar , diversifying their portfolio to cater to a broader range of preferences.

The president of Cigars, Radhames ‘Ram' Rodriguez, expressed enthusiasm about their developments since the previous , particularly highlighting the introduction of Falu in the Series and the latest addition to the David Ortiz lineup. “We are proud of the work we have done with David Ortiz to bring his latest new offering as well,” Rodriguez added, underlining their commitment to innovation and quality.

The Falu: This addition to the Series is described as a full-bodied and full-strength cigar, wrapped in a rich Broadleaf wrapper from a long-established family farm, combined with an Indonesian binder and a carefully balanced filler blend. Named after the iconic red barns that dot the landscapes of Northern Europe and the United States, Falu is designed to offer a unique smoking experience, starting with notes of hay and aged hardwood and evolving into flavors of dried cranberries, cracked pepper, and sweet Dominican rum. Available in Box Pressed Robusto and sizes, Falu aligns with the premium positioning of the Series.

: Celebrating Ortiz's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022, the HOF line extension is a nod to his remarkable career. It features a Mexican San Andres wrapper, a sweet Indonesian binder, and a robust filler blend. The is available in a regular production and a Limited Edition Figurado, with the latter being particularly special as only 541 boxes, reflecting Ortiz's career home runs, will be available, some autographed by Ortiz himself.

: Tailored for the value-conscious smoker, is a bundle offering that doesn't skimp on quality. Available in Robusto and sizes with options for Maduro, Natural, or Claro wrappers, presents an affordable yet satisfying option for those seeking quality at a great price.

With these new introductions, Cigars continues to demonstrate its dedication to catering to the diverse tastes of cigar enthusiasts, ensuring that there's something for everyone in their expanded lineup. 's commitment to innovation, quality, and value is evident in these latest offerings, set to be showcased at 2024.