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Cigar News: US Court of Appeals Strikes Down Warning Labels

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has unanimously struck down warning labels on cigars. They noted flaws in the FDA’s Deeming Rule regulating cigars and said that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) did not do enough work to show an effect of large cigar warning labels on reducing smoking rates.

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Cigar News: PCA Cancels Trade Show

PCA announced today the cancellation of its Convention and Trade Show for 2020 that was scheduled to take place July 10-14 at the Sands/Venetian Convention Center and Hotel. This cancellation is due to public health and safety concerns related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Cigar News: Altadis, General, Davidoff, and Drew Estate Not Attending PCA 2020

Today, the four largest cigar companies in America announced that they will not be attending the PCA (formerly IPCPR) trade show this year. Altadis, General, Davidoff, and Drew Estate each released separate press releases but the general consensus is that they are unhappy with the declining attendance, lack of cooperation with members to make changes to the organization, and rising costs. The linchpin for this action new seems to have been the general unrest around last year’s poorly executed announcement of Consumer Day, which has since been cancelled.

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Cigar News: PCA Cancels CigarCon 2020

After facing backlash from manufacturers, retailers, and media about their proposed cigar convention next year, CigarCon, the PCA (formerly IPCPR) has cancelled the event, for next year at least. The association says they are still considering if for 2021. They have also created a sub-committee to focus on CigarCon in the hopes of planning it in the future.

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