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Category: La Aurora

Cigar News: La Aurora Cameroon 1903 Shipping Now

(Miami, Florida) April 24, 2017 – La Aurora is pleased to release the La Aurora 1903 Cameroon. The 1903 Cameroon is a line extension of the “time capsule” series, which also boasts the 1962 Corojo and 1987 Connecticut. These blends are dedicated to the years in which they began working with the type of respective wrapper used on each. The La Aurora 1903 Cameroon will begin this week.

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Blind Cigar Review: La Aurora | 110th Anniversary Cameroon Cetros

“Ok…I like lonsdale and Lancero cigars but this was a very good cigar. It had depth of flavor and was very interesting. Construction was excellent, and the performance was really exemplary. I will gladly recommend this to anyone who is ready to move from mild to medium. Now to find out what it is so I can buy a box!” -Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

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Cigar News: La Aurora Introduces ADN Dominicana

La Aurora ADN Dominicano is the latest release of La Aurora, a cigar with an exceptional blend whose soul is the Andullo. Using this type of tobacco, La Aurora pays tribute to the oldest Dominican tobacco process and although little known today is deeply ingrained as an essential part of the Dominican Republic’s tobacco culture and its processing practices for hundreds of years.

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Cigar News: Viva Republica Announces Cloak & Dagger

Miami, Florida- Viva Republica, the premium handmade cigar manufacturer announces a new series named Cloak & Dagger. This new effort will allow the company to quickly release an array of limited edition blends. The Cloak & Dagger program is unique, as the blend contents will not be released to the public. The first blend under the Cloak & Dagger series is the: Ojos Verdes cigar.

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Blind Cigar Review: La Aurora | Untamed Extreme Robusto (Pre-release)

“This was a very enjoyable cigar. It offered a unique flavor profile and quite a bit of transitions that kept things fresh. The fermented flavor was something I’m not sure I ever have tasted in a cigar before and definitely want to smoke more to see if I get the same thing. I’m excited to see what this is.” -Emmett (BMP_Emmett)

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Editorial: Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival – 2015

The Rocky Mountain Cigar festival is always a great event with good people, and awesome vendors. It has been growing steadily since it’s inception in 2011. Unfortunately I was deathly ill last year and wasn’t able to attend and see the new venue. This year I was feeling great and ready to smoke, and it didn’t disappoint. Joined by our panelist Jack, we conquered almost the entire festival.

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Blind Cigar Review: La Aurora | Puro Vintage 2006

“This cigar was hands down my favorite blind review so far. From the flavor to the subtle changes that developed, this was a well made and well thought out cigar. Round of applause to the manufacturer. Very smooth and definitely on the lighter side. A great cigar for all types. Enjoy as many of these as you can, if you can.” -Steve (ThaGreatWazoo)

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Blind Cigar Review: La Aurora | Untamed Robusto

“I really enjoyed this cigar mainly due to its unexpected complexity. I loved the initial mixture of well-balanced flavors and the enduring construction. The one downside was having to relight in the middle third. I would definitely purchase this cigar in the future for that time when I need that quick smoke.” -Kent (Throck)

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Cigar News: La Aurora Announces Untamed Extreme for IPCPR 2015


(Miami, Florida) July 14, 2015 – La Aurora is looking to up the ante at this year’s IPCPR with the Untamed Extreme. The original Untamed which debuted in 2014 received high marks from critics, and ultimately received the honor of a Five Star Rating, and Cigar of the Year for 2014 by The Dominican Cigar Review.

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