La Aurora Cigars Announces Small Batch Lot No. 002 U.S. Exclusive - Cigar News

La Aurora Cigars Announces Small Batch Lot No. 002 U.S. Exclusive – Cigar News

La Aurora USA, LLC, has announced a new cigar, La Aurora Small Batch, a new, a limited-edition line. The company says these new small batch projects are cigars that have been in the company’s aging room for years, and showcase Master Blender Manuel Inoa’s rarer cigars. La Aurora Small Batch Lot No. 002 has been aged for 15 years.

The company says that each Small Batch limited-edition release has a special story – a selection of leaves and notes that La Aurora crafted specifically for limited editions or other small-scale projects and have be waiting in limited quantities in their aging room. As a result, every edition will have an individual format, blend, and unrepeatable tasting notes due to their advanced ages.

As we make room to explore new blends for our consumers, we are excited to share some of our favorites from Manuel’s past work. In each blend, Manuel demonstrates his experience, talent, and commitment to providing quality products to both new consumers and cigar aficionados.

Guillermo León, President of La Aurora

Small Batch is a series that is very special to me. Not only because I created each release, but it is literally in the name. These cigars will only ever exist in small batches: each release features distinct tasting notes, with some having been aged up to 19 years, and are unable to be blended and rolled in large scale quantities. Lot No. 1 was the same blend in a short salomon format, but not available in the U.S. as it sold out immediately in the Dominican Republic. For that reason, we wanted to make all 222 boxes of Lot No. 002 exclusively available to retailers in the U.S. market.

Master Blender, Manuel Inoa

Small Batch Lot No. 002 is available in one size, a vintage salomonvitola (6 1/2 X 50/60. The blend uses a Corojo wrapper, Dominican Republic binder, and long-filler leaves from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

“Lot No. 002 is particularly dear to me as it features the salomon shape, which is one of the most difficult to roll, and we entrusted only our most expert rollers to craft it. With the presence of wood notes throughout the 60-minutes smoke time, it makes for a great pairing with strong coffee in the mornings to start your day, or a premium rum or cognac at the end of it.

Master Blender, Manuel Inoa

Lot No. 002 will be available in dress boxes of 10 handmade cigars, each aged 15 years. Only 222 boxes of this limited-edition cigar were made and it is exclusively available in the United States. Boxes will go for sale in October with an MSRP of $13 per cigar/$130 per box). The company also gave a teaser for Lot No. 003 and No. 004 in a press release, which will bookend 2024, coming out in early and late 2024 respectively.