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Espinosa Las 6 Provincias ZDT - Blind Cigar Review
"Overall, this was a solid performing stick in terms of construction and complexity. Perfection in the draw, burn, and construction category made this stick a dream to smoke on the technical aspect. Wonderful medium-bodied flavors ranging from leather, cream, and Brazil nuts to malty chocolate notes kept me on my toes with each puff. I would smoke this cigar again, over and over when I want to feel fancy as this sample just made me feel relaxed. Grab this one and smoke it!" -John A. (Bostoneo)
Very Good
Tatuaje Cojonú 2018 - Blind Cigar Review
"This was a good cigar. The sweetness and mellowness at the beginning made for a great start and the cigar developed nicely into a medium-full well well-flavored smoking experience. This is a cigar that I would be proud to have in my humidor." -Kevin A. (Kevin A.)

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JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes Robusto - Blind Cigar Review
"This was a fairly complex and transitional medium-bodied cigar. The flavors were well-balanced, and definitely up my alley. The only downside was the amount of attention this needed all the way through. I’d absolutely pick up another one in hopes that the burn issues I had were just a fluke. It was still an enjoyable experience even with a couple of touch-ups and a relight." -Chris M. (Chris)