Fratello Cigars Unveils "Concealed Carry" Series - Cigar News

Fratello Cigars Unveils “Concealed Carry” Series – Cigar News

Fratello Cigars has announced the launch of its latest initiative: Concealed Carry Cigars. This novel collection comprises six distinct small batch productions, each heralding its own unique theme and blend. The first of these productions is set to make its debut to attendees of the PCA24 Convention in Las Vegas, providing a sneak peek before its official shipping start to authorized Concealed Carry retailers on March 23, 2024.

The reason for creating Concealed Carry Cigars is to portray a period in our history that some would like to remember, and others forget. We are telling each story with a cigar.

Omar de Frias, the mind behind Fratello Cigars and a former NASA analyst turned cigar maker

Since its inception in 2013, Fratello Cigars has been on a mission to meld tradition with innovation. De Frias, an avid history buff, invites aficionados on what he describes as “a cigar journey throughout history.” This venture seems to be a step further in that direction, promising a blend of cultural richness and exclusive smoking pleasure.

The series will not only feature a range of unique blends but also embody the ethos of adaptability and community, as represented by the Concealed Carry logo—a chameleon. This imagery suggests a product line that's not just about enjoying a premium smoke but also about adapting and finding one's place within a broader narrative.

Availability of the Concealed Carry Cigars will be quite exclusive, limited to 75 Fratello Cigar retailer members across the nation. This exclusivity ensures a unique and sought-after experience for cigar lovers, inviting them into a select circle of small batch aficionados. These cigars are curated from undisclosed factories located in the Dominican Republic, , and , adding an element of mystery and anticipation to each release.

In addition to unveiling the Concealed Carry line, the Fratello team is poised to showcase their entire 2024 program at booth #9079 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 23 through 25, during the PCA24 event. De Frias expresses a keen desire to foster a sense of community and education among cigar enthusiasts through this initiative, stating, “Every retailer in the United States has patronage from every walk of life. We want to create and foster a sense of community and education with Concealed Carry Cigars, and we look forward to seeing everyone at this year.”