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Author: Emmett

Cigar News: 1502 XO Lancero Hits Market

The Lancero is the third in the 1502 XO series. The XO series is an annual release, each year getting a different vitola. 2015 saw the wide release of the Toro, and 2016 was the Churchill, and 2017 saw the Salamon. There is a total of 8 vitolas planned. A limited number of 1502 XO Lanceros were sold in 2016 to keep ahead of the FDA deadline with the wide release happening now. 

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Cigar News: Cigar Dojo Announces Protocol K9 with Cubariqueño

Cigar Dojo and Cubariqueño have announced a collaboration in the creation of a new cigar, the Protocol K9. Cubariqueño’s releases have been themed around law enforcement with their Protocol, Probably Cause, and Themis releases. Eric Guttormson’s brother-in-law is a K9 officer so it’s only fitting that their collaboration would center around a K9 theme.

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Blind Cigar Review: Tatuaje | The Michael

“This cigar smoked well enough, but the first thing I noticed was that it felt quite light. This lead to a very easy draw, and likely led to a lack of substance. I really didn’t feel like I was getting much from it. It wasn’t long before I found myself bored with the cigar and had to remind myself that it was there.” -Isaac M. (The Nothing)

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