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Author: Emmett

Cigar News: Antigua Esteli Rebrands to Segovias De Esteli in U.S.

Antigua Esteli Cigars has announced that they are changing their name to Segovias de Esteli. The company says the name change comes about because of a general rebranding and corporate restructuring. However, the original name was also the subject of a lawsuit filed in 2019 by J.G.G. Tobacco Holding Company Inc., the company owned by Jaime Garcia of My Father Cigars. The Lawsuit claimed that Antigua Estelí was too close to My Father’s La Antiguedad brand. Outside the U.S., the company will continue to operate under the Antigua Esteli.

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Cigar News: Foundation Announces Tabernacle David and Goliath

Foundation Cigar Company’s has announced two new sizes in the Tabernacle line: David and Goliath. Tabernacle was Nick Melillio’s second traditional premium cigar line, coming the year after El Güegüense. Tabernacle was his first Foundation cigar to use Connecticut broadleaf and out of reverence for the tobacco leaf, and tobacco tradition came the name, from Hebrew scripture: The Tabernacle – which housed the Ark of the Covenant before the building of the Temple of Solomon.

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Cigar News: Emilio Cigars Releases Limited Edition LJZ

Emilio Cigars has announced a second release of their Limited Edition LJZ cigar. This cigar is a collaboration between Emilio Cigars and Black Label Trading Company (BLTC) and was the first cigar to come from the brand since Gary Griffith left in 2015. The name LJZ comes from the initials of the man behind the company L.J. Zucca.

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