Joya de Nicaragua Revives Cabinetta Lancero for Limited Edition - Cigar News

Joya de Nicaragua Revives Cabinetta Lancero for Limited Edition – Cigar News

Joya de and have officially announced the return of the Joya Cabinetta in a limited edition run, catering to a niche but enthusiastic segment of the cigar community. This announcement marks a significant moment for fans of the vitola, who have long awaited the return of this elegant and rich smoking experience.

At every cigar event, the question pops up: ‘What about the Cabinetta ?'… it's a niche favorite. So, ‘by popular demand', here it is the Cabinetta Limited Edition for 2024… and trust us, it's better than ever!

Juan Martínez

In a strategic move back in 2016, Joya de refreshed its branding, transitioning the “Cabinetta Serie” into the “JOYA Cabinetta” under the JOYA family, positioning it alongside popular lines such as JOYA Red, Black, and Silver. The rebranding effort aimed at appealing to a broad audience, from traditional enthusiasts to those seeking a modern twist in their cigars, without overpowering strength.

The reintroduction of the Cabinetta , limited to 1,000 boxes worldwide, has a dual-wrapper configuration – a premium Ecuadorian Shade CT along its length with a Nicaraguan H. Criollo head – delivering a creamy, smooth smoke with a spicy finish, defying the usual aesthetics-focused ‘barber pole' cigars for a genuinely transformative flavor profile.

Forget the usual ‘barber pole' cigars that are all about looks. This dual- wrapper approach is not just for show – it's a game-changer in flavor and aroma.

The JOYA Cabinetta will be showcased in the format at the Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas this March, with availability in stores to follow shortly. Priced at $9.95 per cigar or $199 per box, its limited availability is anticipated to draw significant attention from enthusiasts and Joya de devotees, eager to experience the revitalized blend that harmoniously connects tradition with modernity.