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Blind Cigar Review: Bespoke | Grand Cafe Lancero Score 92%

Blind Cigar Review: Bespoke | Grand Cafe Lancero

“I liked this a ton. Great flavors in one of my favorite vitolas. Pretty powerful cigar, but there was still a nice range of flavors, and pretty dramatic transitions from yeasty sweetness to dark rich coffee. Only drawback was the rapid burn which seemed to be due to being rather under-filled, at least in the early stages of this smoke. I’d still buy a whole bunch more. ” -John I. (John I.)

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Blind Cigar Review: My Father | La Gran Oferta Lancero Score 88%

Blind Cigar Review: My Father | La Gran Oferta Lancero

“I really enjoyed this cigar. There was quite a bit of flavors going on with milk chocolate, wood, coffee, cream, spice and some marshmallow at the very end. The cigar stayed medium until the very final third where the spice kicked it up a notch. ” -Mickey T. (irratebass)

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Blind Cigar Review: Foundation | The Wise Man (Maduro El Güegüense) Lancero Score 93%

Blind Cigar Review: Foundation | The Wise Man (Maduro El Güegüense) Lancero

“I’ll be honest: I don’t like maduros. Most give me cottonmouth, and the ones that don’t are usually too syrupy or meaty to enjoy. This really took me back to when I first started smoking cigars and loved big, bold maduros. I also don’t like lanceros much. They usually require too much care when smoking, and in my experience the narrow gauge is great for shorter smokes but gets stale in a longer format. This one performed really well. I really enjoyed this one and will be looking forward to the reveal.” -Derek (StogieNinja)

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Quick Cigar Review: Atabey | Spiritus

This was a great cigar! I don’t get into the hype of $30, $50 or even $100 cigars, but this Atabey Spiritus was amazing! The draw was a bit snug, but I can’t blame that on the the cigar I don’t think. This was given to my by the BMP’s staff to review. The construction was spot on, but by the end of the second half the head started to come off a bit, again that might have been my user and I just got it too wet. Overall this cigar greeted me with lots and lots of sweetness with hay, and honey. It tipped the scales of medium, but just barely and only briefly. This was an elegant cigar that could be enjoyed at any time of the day, but I think in the morning would be the best or late at night as your last cigar of the day. They are not inexpensive, but if you get the chance I cannot recommend Atabey enough. 

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Cigar News: Providencia Announces La Misión Lancero

La Misión  translates to “The Mission” and makes the number of blends from the company five. La Misión tells the story of Providencia Cigars Founder Jim Faber’s “mission” to Honduras which started as a professional soccer player and turned into a mission to organize youth soccer camps to get boys and girls off the street in a gang littered environment.

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Quick Cigar Review: Warped | Moon Garden Lancero

I really enjoyed this cigar from start to finish. It’s hard to describe just how well all of the elements of this cigar worked together to provide such an enjoyable experience but every bit of this cigar just worked for me. I am normally not a fan of really strong cigars but this one just did it for me. I picked up a five pack of these just based on the Warped name alone and really wish I had bought the whole box. If you can get your hands on one I would say go for it.

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Blind Cigar Review: Iconic Leaf | Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva Lancero Score 93%

Blind Cigar Review: Iconic Leaf | Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva Lancero

“If I were to make my own cigar, it would look much like this. It was almost painful to put this cigar down. The savory qualities kept me coming back to it, distracting me from other things (like the kiddo crying about her ball rolling into the street.) It wouldn’t be hard to put this cigar into regular rotation, and when this is posted, I’ll probably find a box. While there wasn’t a whole lot of transition in flavors, what flavors it has keeps you coming back for more.” -Isaac M. (The Nothing)

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Blind Cigar Review: Padilla | Signature 1932 Lancero Score 92%

Blind Cigar Review: Padilla | Signature 1932 Lancero

“Overall this was a very enjoyable smoke. From the pigtail and oily wrapper to nub, this cigar was a treat. Definitely a stronger cigar that should be enjoyed on a full stomach. The strength built significantly throughout and offered a definitive kick towards the end. Enjoyable flavors, although they did not transition much from start to finish. I would not give this stick to a beginner, however I would love to have a few more in my humidor. I enjoyed the smoke very much and can’t wait for the reveal so I can grab a few more. ” -Adam B. (Bushboy)

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Cigar News: Cubariqueño Announces Protocol Themis Lancero

Back in November of 2017, Blind Man’s Puff published the blind panel review of the Protocol Themis by Cubariqueño Cigar Co. The cigar was a hit with our panelists, scoring a 91 averaged across the 5 panelists who reviewed it.  Now, to continue that line, they are introducing this tasty cigar in a fan-favorite Lancero vitola.  This new cigar will be officially introduced next month at the 2018 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas. 

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