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Quick Cigar Review: Davidoff | Oro Blanco Score 96%

Quick Cigar Review: Davidoff | Oro Blanco

You get what you pay for here. A unique experience with clean defined flavors that were perfectly well balanced throughout the entirety of the duration of this ultra premium cigar. Complexity is unmatched to any cigar I’ve ever had making this smoke a dream. Construction and draw were phenomenal however this particular sample had some issues with the burn line until the second half where it caught up. Because of the fullness and richness of this medium to medium full bodied smoke, it is not something you’ll reach for (providing you have the available funds) everyday. This cigar is meant for those special occasions when you want something that screams quality in terms of very rich flavor that is defined, unique and unmatched to any other stick. Whilst not my sweet spot for flavor profiles, as it was a tad too sweet for me, this definitely goes into my top echelon of cigars I have ever enjoyed.

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Cigar News: Davidoff Names New Heads of Marketing and Commercial

Davidoff of Geneva USA, the US based subsidiary of Oettinger Davidoff AG, has named new heads of Marketing and Commercial today. The two appointees come from promotions within the organization. Lana Fraser is now the Head of Marketing for Davidoff of Geneva Americas and Jeffrey Guagliardo is now Head of Sales for Davidoff of Geneva USA. These two new positions replace Dylan Austin who previously had the dual role of Head of Sales and Marketing but was promoted to President of Davidoff of Geneva USA in March of this year.

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Quick Cigar Review: Davidoff | Paragon Score 96%

Quick Cigar Review: Davidoff | Paragon

I’ve talked to several people recently and the seeming consensus is that pretty much everyone makes good cigars; which is for the most part true. So what makes a great cigar? For me at least, it one that tells a story. This one told a story with it’s clean flavors and ever changing profile. The burn started a little wavy but never needed a touch up or relight and eventually became razor sharp. I wish the draw was just slightly tighter; but I like a bit more resistance and others may find it perfect. The price point is a little high but I’ve smoked other cigars at similar prices that don’t hold a candle to it. I can’t recommend it enough and it’s easily one of the top five cigars I’ve smoked this year.

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Cigar Contest: Win 4 Pack of Davidoff Cigars and Ask a Question at IPCPR

Today, we have a different kind of contest for you to enter. Not only can you win a 4-pack of Davidoff cigars with over 2 years of age on them, you can win a chance to have your question asked live at IPCPR. During the show, we will be interviewing all the major cigar names, and all you have to do to enter is come up with one question you would like to ask them. Silly, serious, personal? Anything is fair game, and we will pick our favorite before the show starts on Saturday 6/29/19.

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Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Eighth Annual Golden Band Awards Nominees

For the eighth year in in a row, Davidoff will present its Golden Band Awards to the retailers deemed to be the best in certain categories. This years awards will be presented at IPCPR as in years previous. The winners will be invited to a celebration held on the evening of Sunday, June 30th, with a unique cigar and culinary experience. Winners will dine on French delicacies inspired by a famed Michelin-star chef with key representatives from Davidoff. The dinner will include a specially selected combination of fine Davidoff cigars and craft cocktail pairings.

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Blind Cigar Review: Davidoff | Robusto Real Especiales 7 Score 92%

Blind Cigar Review: Davidoff | Robusto Real Especiales 7

“In terms of transitions or flavor profile changes this cigar really didn’t have any. That’s not to say it wasn’t an enjoyable smoke though. The core flavors of pepper, cedar, sweetness, leather, and espresso worked really well together. I couldn’t say that this cigar wowed me but it was a really nice cigar with just enough going on to keep my interest. Depending on price I would say you should definitely give this cigar a try. ” -Jeff (ExpendableYouth)

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Quick Cigar Review: Davidoff | Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2019 The Traveller

This cigar really surprised me with the flavors going on. It started out with wintergreen mixed with cinnamon then it transitioned into wood, chocolate and finally honey. The burn and construction were both excellent, I mean c’mon it’s Davidoff you pay for what you get. This was a very good smoke if you have the money and feel like treating yourself I highly recommend it.

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