Davidoff Announces Black Band Limited Edition 2022 - Cigar News

Davidoff Announces Black Band Limited Edition 2022 – Cigar News

Cigars has announced a new limited edition cigar for 2022 bearing a black band. The is a combination of the tobaccos from the company's three core black-banded lines, dubbed the Black Band Collection which includes Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá.

The company describes the blend as follows: “The rains of Brazil's Bahia region induce the salty, sweet and spicy taste of Escurio. The volcanic soils of Nicaragua nurture the fiery bittersweet intensity in Nicaragua. All the while, the iron-rich red soils of the Dominican Yamasá valley grow the earthy deep complexity of the Yamasá blend.”

The blend is described as combining the sweetness of Escurio, the intensity of Nicaragua and the complexity of Yamasá. The comes in just one size, a 6 x 58 Gran . The large size allowed the blender to include all the different necessary tobaccos from the various blends

“Our Black Band Collection lines depict the elements earth, water and fire. With their exceptional tobaccos originating in Brazil, Nicaragua and the , our Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá lines have always been an adventure in taste. I am proud that with our new Black Band Limited Edition, we combine the best of these three strong blends and create an exciting cigar for those seeking to discover new experiences and a fair bit of alternation in their cigar enjoyment”

Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger AG.

The filler includes tobacco from Nicaragua, the and Brazil in the filler. The wrapper comes from Ecuador and the binder from . The company says the cigar should last for 60 to 70 minutes. The comes in boxes of 12. The box itself is black a blended trio logo. The colours and the leaf shapes nod to the origins of the blend and thus highlight the best of the pre-existing Black Band Collection lines Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá. Production is limited to 13,500 boxes worldwide. The cigar goes on sale May 5th to select Appointed Merchants, premium cigar retailers and in flagship stores.