Pospiech Cigars Announces “The BDP” - Cigar News

Pospiech Cigars Announces “The BDP” – Cigar News

Pospiech Cigars has announced a new cigar called “The BDP.” Pospiech Inc. is the distribution company behind Powstanie, Fable, Guaimaro, and FQ cigars, and is run by Mike Szczepankiewicz who is also the owner of Cigar Hustler, a cigar shop and podcast.

The BDP cigar is a 6 ½ x 54 Toro with a blend the company describes as “A Hyperborean Sungrown Toro wrapper. The filler and binders are from the Island of Nauru.” Those details are of course fictious, the actual blend details are undisclosed. The name is a reference to Mike Palmer, who co-hosts the Cigar Hustlers Podcast with Mike Szczepankiewicz.

I’m very proud of Mike Palmer and all of his tedious hard work on his first blend. It’s like a father watching his son catch his first football. Spread your wings baby bird. Spread your wings.

Mike Szczepankiewicz

Szczepankiewicz created the blend Azarias Mustafa Cordoba from Cordoba and Morales Cigars based in Central Florida. Palmer has worked in the past twice with Cordoba and Morales to make cigars for The Florida Cigar Club. The BDP is rolled at an undisclosed factory in Nicaragua. Only 8,000 cigars were made and they come in 20 count bundles. Each cigar has a price of $14.00. The cigars will go on sale April 5, 2022.