Luciano Cigars Partners with Ron Harper for "Underrated" Line - Cigar News

Luciano Cigars Partners with Ron Harper for “Underrated” Line – Cigar News

Luciano Cigars has announced the launch of their new “Underrated” cigar line at the PCA Trade Show 2024, in collaboration with NBA great Ron Harper. Emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality and the smoking experience, “Underrated” aims to reach fans who prefer substance over celebrity endorsement.

Ron Harper’s involvement in “Underrated” reflects his own story of consistent performance beyond expectations. “This partnership on the construction of ‘Underrated’ is a homage to those moments and to everyone who revels in the joy of discovering the exceptional in the unanticipated,” Harper shares.

Opting for a discreet market entry, Luciano Cigars looks to appeal to purists who value the craft of cigar making. This strategy intends to draw attention to the product’s inherent quality, inviting consumers to judge the cigars on their own merits.

Attendees of the PCA Trade Show will have the chance to meet Ron Harper at the Luciano Cigars Booth and gain insights into the inspiration and development of “Underrated.” Luciano Meirelles, Founder of Luciano Cigars, extends an invitation to cigar lovers: “Rediscover the pleasure of the underrated, to embrace the moments of surprise that enrich our lives.”

The “Underrated” line stands as a testament to Luciano Cigars’ philosophy of unassuming excellence, offering a smoking journey that promises to exceed expectations and showcase the understated luxury of a well-crafted cigar.