Davidoff Launches Pre-Cut Zino Nicaragua - Cigar News

Davidoff Launches Pre-Cut Zino Nicaragua – Cigar News

Oettinger has announced a new version of their line: The Half Corona with a pre-cut cap. Since launch, the line has seen the addition of a Gordo vitola in 2022, now is adding this pre-cut half corona to the Short Torpedo, , and Gordo cigars.

The launch of our new pre-cut Half Corona within our line is a logical consequence of changing lifestyles and an increased demand for flexibility and convenience from our aficionados. Our target consumers value spontaneity in their on-the-go lifestyle. The pre-cut allows them to go about their day with the option of enjoying the cigar whenever and wherever they want, as no cutter is required. With this launch, we continue to expand into new distribution channels, making widely accessible for aficionados and novices.

Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger

These new pre-cut Half Coronas will come packaged in a tin of 5, allowing smokers to grab and go. The company says the Half Corona should last for about 20 minutes of smoking time. The blend uses the same tobaccos as the larger sizes, using tobacco from , Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.

The new Half Corona will be available as of August 3rd 2023 at tobacconists, tobacco retailers and convenience stores.