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Author: Emmett

Cigar News: Espinosa 601 La Bomba Warhead Returns With ‘Warhead VI’

Espinosa Premium Cigars announced today the sixth installment of their warhead series with ‘Warhead VI.’ The line made its debut with the first Warhead back in 2013 as an offshoot of the 601 La Bomba line and has since become an annual release in limited quantities. The blend remains the same each year, but the sizes are always different.

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Cigar News: US Court of Appeals Strikes Down Warning Labels

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has unanimously struck down warning labels on cigars. They noted flaws in the FDA’s Deeming Rule regulating cigars and said that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) did not do enough work to show an effect of large cigar warning labels on reducing smoking rates.

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Cigar News: Gurkha Announces Castle Hall Nicaragua

Gurkha Cigars has announced the re-release of their Castle Hall Nicaragua line. The original line came out in 2003 and is considered grandfathered into new FDA regulations. Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua is an extension of the regular Castle Hall line, which is focused on value and made in the Dominican Republic. The Nicaragua version is being rolled at ACC (Cacitrasa) in Esteli, Nicaragua.

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Cigar News: Fratello Announces Arlequin Prensado

Fratello Cigars has announced a new cigar today, the Fratello Arlequin Prensado. A preview was given for this blend in June 2019 with the Space Fresh Packs along with Sorella and Arlequin,  Fratello Classico, and Fratello Bianco II all in a new 6 x 50 format. The idea was that consumers would give feedback and tell the company their preference for either the Sorella or Arlequin.

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