United Cigars' "Dragon Slayer" Rebranded Amid Trademark Turmoil - Cigar News

United Cigars’ “Dragon Slayer” Rebranded Amid Trademark Turmoil – Cigar News

In a surprising twist that blends legal drama with the world of premium cigars, United Cigars has announced the rebranding of its eagerly anticipated Dragon Slayer cigar. Initially set to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with its bold flavors and striking red and gold bands, the cigar found itself at the center of a trademark dispute that has stripped it of its fiery name and majestic identity.

The Dragon Slayer saga began in Tamboril, where the cigars were crafted in the factories of Artista Cigars, ready to conquer the palates of aficionados with a blend worthy of Saint George himself. However, the legal complexities of US trademarking laws, enforced by unnamed corporate giants, quickly extinguished the Dragon Slayer’s blaze. United Cigars, in a bid to maintain harmony within the industry’s unwritten laws, chose the high road by relinquishing the cigar’s name and distinctive branding.

The now nameless cigar, stripped of its bands, barcodes, and cellophane, reveals its dark Mexican San Andres wrapper in a raw and unadorned state. Inside, a full-bodied blend of Dominican Piloto and Nicaraguan fillers, bound together by a Dominican binder, awaits to offer a unique smoking experience, now shrouded in mystery.

In an innovative move, United Cigars has decided to package fifteen unbanded cigars in a complimentary Humidif Ashtray, setting an MSRP of $180 for the set, or $12 per cigar. This decision not only circumvents the trademarking debacle but also positions the cigar as a collector’s item, inviting speculation and intrigue around its untold story.

As this non-named cigar prepares for its market debut and shipments already on their way to brick-and-mortar retailers, the saga of the cigar formerly known as Dragon Slayer continues, and further updates will surely follow.