Two Industry Veterans Unveil 3 LEAF Cigars - Cigar News

Two Industry Veterans Unveil 3 LEAF Cigars – Cigar News

Erik Wentworth, alongside Jim Ferreira, has announced the launch of a new brand, 3 LEAF Cigars. This venture is the culmination of Wentworth’s extensive 15-year journey through the cigar sector, marked by his progression from a tobacconist at Two Guys Smoke Shop in 2009 to Executive Vice President of Hammer & Sickle, before venturing into this new endeavor.

Wentworth’s tenure in the industry is distinguished by his deep-rooted passion for cigars, nurtured through significant professional relationships and personal connections made over the years. Reflecting on his career, Wentworth highlights the influence of his late mentor, Eric Hanson, and the pivotal experiences at Hammer & Sickle that shaped his understanding of the business and his commitment to quality.

The inception of 3 LEAF is a heartfelt story of resilience and passion. Following a brief hiatus from the industry after the dissolution of Hammer & Sickle in spring 2022, Wentworth felt a compelling draw to return, driven by the indelible impact the cigar world had left on him. The concept for 3 LEAF was sparked by a drawing from Wentworth’s daughter, featuring a tobacco stock with three leaves, which became the emblem for this new chapter.

Joined by Jim Ferreira, the team embarked on a meticulous journey to create blends that resonate with both casual and seasoned cigar enthusiasts. After more than a year of dedicated blending and attention to detail, 3 LEAF is ready to introduce two distinct blends, crafted for enjoyment across a spectrum of occasions.

Wentworth and Ferreira express their profound gratitude and excitement for the launch of 3 LEAF Cigars. Their journey reflects a blend of personal loss, professional evolution, and the enduring allure of the cigar industry—a story they now share through 3 LEAF, inviting aficionados to partake in their passion and dedication to the craft.

As 3 LEAF Cigars makes its debut, the founders’ journey—from the seeds of inspiration to the fruition of their vision—underscores the essence of the cigar industry: a tapestry of relationships, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.