Asylum 12 2024 Debuts New South American Tobacco - Cigar News

Asylum 12 2024 Debuts New South American Tobacco – Cigar News

In the latest from C.L.E. Cigar Company, the 2024 is set to make an appearance at this year's Premium Cigar Association event in Las Vegas. Known for its yearly releases, the 2024 iteration of is shaking things up with not only a fresh look but also a distinctive blend change.

The 2024 has been crafted using binder and filler tobaccos from C.L.E.'s newly acquired farm in South America, a detail that is sure to intrigue fans of the brand. However, keeping with a bit of mystery, the specifics of the wrapper and the tobacco varieties used in the binder and filler remain under wraps.

Tom Lazuka, Co-Founder of Cigars, commented on the redesign: “We felt that we could better improve on the presentation of the . The 2024 will be housed in cigar tubes, which not only look good but offer better protection for the cigars.”

Christian Eiroa, the founder and President of C.L.E. Cigar Company, expressed his excitement about the latest offering, saying, “I have always considered the brand as an almost experimental project where I can play with all kinds of off-the-wall blends, vitola sizes, and unique packaging. I strongly believe that we have hit the mark with the 2024.”

The 2024 Exclusive comes in two vitolas, each encased in cigar tubes and packaged in twenty count boxes. The pricing is set at $21.60 for the 11X18 and $26.60 for the 70X7, with shipments expected to commence in late spring to early summer.