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Category: Rick Rodriguez

Blind Cigar Review: CAO | Amazon Anaconda Score 88%

Blind Cigar Review: CAO | Amazon Anaconda

“Long story short, it was OK. Short story not so short, the first two thirds were tasty, and seemed to be cohesive. The final third just failed in my estimation. The flavors were unpleasant and harsh. If this cigar could have continued the same flavor profile, I would have rated it much higher. ” -Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

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Top 25 – 2015

Voting Process

Each of our 16 panelists were given 10 votes to cast. Our list is made up of cigars that were RELEASED in 2015. The cigars that are eligible do not have to have been reviewed on Blind Man’s Puff, but the panelist must have smoke it at some point themselves.

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Blind Cigar Review: C.A.O. | Columbia Tinto

“Overall, had it not been for the wrapper issues, it was a very good cigar. The flavors were pleasant and provided enough complexity to keep my interest. It would have scored higher had it not been for the wrapper. I will definitely try it again. I think the wrapper issue might have been because of increased humidity.” -Sandeep (Djangos)

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Blind Cigar Review: Cohiba | Nicaragua N50 (Prerelease)

“I really enjoyed the peek-a-boo with the spiciness at the beginning of each third. The first and final thirds offered the best flavors while the middle section was a let down for me. Sadly, the wrapper coming apart near the end really hurt the overall experience.” -Gregg (McGreggor57)

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