JRE Announces Aladino Sumatra - Cigar News

JRE Announces Aladino Sumatra – Cigar News

Back in 2016, Julio and began growing crops of Sumatra tobacco, the same time they starting the same process with Cameroon. Now, the company is set to release a blend with their own Honduran-grown Sumatra wrapper. This new blend is said to have been influenced by the youngest generation of Eiroas with the fourth generation getting more involved and taking a more modern play on box design. This is the first cigar blend that does not have the image in the inside of the box.

The is desribed as “bolder and punchier” than their previous lines. The Sumatra will start shipping in October 2023. For now, the blend comes in just one size, a 6 x 52 with an MSRP of $16.00. Packed in 20 count boxes, the blend uses Sumatra wrapper from Tobacco Farms, and binder and filler varieties of undisclosed origin from Tobacco Farms. The cigars are rolled at their Honduras factory, Fabrica de Puros at Las Lomas Jamastran.