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Category: Casdagli

Cigar News: Casdagli Cigars Announces First Collaboration – Le PETIT Villa Casdagli Limited Edition Cigar Knife

Casdagli Cigars has announced their first collaboration with another company. The collaboration is a cigar knife made with French cigar accessory maker LES FINES LAMES and called Le PETIT Villa Casdagli Limited Edition. The new cigar cutting knife will be launched under the Casdagli Cigars’ luxury cigar accessory focused subbrand Villa Casdagli Collection.

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Top 25 Cigars of the Year – 2019

Every year we put together a list of our Top 25 Cigars of the Year. Our list is a bit different from some other lists, it is not simply a rehashing of our top scores from the year, or one person’s opinion. We gave each of our panelists 10 votes to cast how they please for what they enjoyed the most in 2019. The order of their votes matter, so their #1 pick is worth twice as much as #10. The cigars do not have to have been reviewed by Blind Man’s Puff, but the panelist must have smoked it.

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Quick Cigar Review: Casdagli | Limited Edition Spalato Club Mareva Score 95%

Quick Cigar Review: Casdagli | Limited Edition Spalato Club Mareva

Just an amazing cigar. From the burn, to the construction, and draw everything was flawless. I felt almost manic trying to decide what the profile was at the time I was writing because it would change in a flash. The notes weren’t muddled though, they just shifted effortlessly as I was still deciding on what I was tasting just a few puffs before. At twenty-four dollars a stick it is not inexpensive but it is certainly worth it if you’re looking for something that is truly worth that price point.

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