Casdagli Cigars to Self-Distribute in the U.S. - Cigar News

Casdagli Cigars to Self-Distribute in the U.S. – Cigar News

Casdagli Cigars is making a big change to its distribution in the U.S. market. As of the1st of March 2023, Casdagli Cigars will be launching its own importation and distribution company based in Naples, Florida: Casdagli Cigars USA. The company and it’s long-time distribution partner, in the U.S. Vlada Stojanov of Bespoke Co. have parted ways.

We are very grateful to Vlada for opening the market and passionately growing the brand over the last five years. He has our full support developing his cigar business independently and we wish him every success in his new venture.

Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder and CEO of CASDAGLI CIGARS

Despite the change in distribution, Casdagli Cigars says they remain fully committed to the U.S. market. The company is currently setting up the necessary facilities and procedures to be fully stocked with their cigar lines for the 1st of March launch date. The goal is to give a new push to the brand in the market and increase their presence in more points of sale all around the country. They are planning to secure an increased supply for the USA of some of their most sought-after vitolas as well as introducing some new releases over the summer.

In a related piece of news, Vlada Stojanov of Bespoke Co. will be launching his own brand of cigars, and more details will be posted of that new brand as soon as they are announced.