Quality Importers Updates Xikar Warranty Portal - Cigar News

Quality Importers Updates Xikar Warranty Portal – Cigar News

Quality Importers Trading Company (QI) has announced recent enhancements to .com and the Warranty Portal. This update is not only meant to make the customer experience easier, but is meant to demonstrate QI's ongoing support and increasing investments into the Limited Lifetime Warranty on all premium cigar accessories.

Since the brand was started more the 25 years ago, the Limited Lifetime Warranty has guaranteed for life all accessories from any manufacturing defects, but does not cover wear and tear from normal use. In 2022, QI made additional strategic investments into the .com platform, which includes a redesigned portal to process warranty claims. This new portal is designed to provide up-to-date status on claims, allow customers to easily connect with the warranty customer service team, and provide Nation customers the ability to upgrade their discontinued products to newer models.

We take great pride in supporting the Limited Lifetime Warranty and standing behind the quality of our products. We have made strategic software and process investments to increase the ease and speed at which our team handles warranty claims. Thank you to the entire Nation for all your continued support. We are excited for what we have planned for you in 2023.

Michael Giordano, CEO and Founder of Quality Importers

For more information or to submit a warranty claim, visit https://xikar.com/pages/xi-warranty.