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Category: Xikar

Cigar News: Xikar Adds to Pipeline Series

Quality Importers has announced that they are adding some new lighters to the XIKAR Pipeline soft flame lighter series. Due in part to the success of their more recent soft flame for cigars, Xikar Meridian, they are refreshing the Pipeline single soft flame lighter with an upgraded body treatment with durable plated finishes and three new color combinations including all black, all chrome, black & gold-tone and black & rose.

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Cigar News: Xikar Announces Xi2 Nightlife Series

Quality Importers has added a new series to their XIKAR Xi2 line of cigar cutters. The new XIKAR Xi2 Nightlife Series features custom graphics by Miami-based artist Charlie Turano III, known for his work with Fanatics Authentic, and highlights his trademark brushstroke style. The XIKAR Xi2 Nightlife Series is inspired by the glowing lights and dynamic action of big city night life. The series is available in red, orange, blue and green, and is now shipping. Suggested US retail is $59.99.

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Accessory Review: Xikar | HP4 Quad Lighter

Overall this is a great lighter for my needs. I like a larger flame and don’t mind the bulk, but that isn’t for everyone. I have to give Xikar credit for making a quad-flame lighter that isn’t a tabletop. I will definitely keep bringing this with me on short trips when I don’t need to keep it in the pocket for a long time. You can use it indoors or out on any cigar, and that’s great.

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Accessory Review: Xikar | VX2 V-Cut

This was the only cutter I took with me on a grueling 17 day trip from the Dominican Republic to Nicaragua. By the end of the trip every person was asking to use it for every cigar we smoked. They loved the cut, the feel, and the look. I love it too. I didn’t think it would be possible, but it has replaced my original XV as my everyday cutter. It is a little thicker in a pocket but the trade-offs are worth it. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about spending some money on a cutter.

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Cigar News: Xikar Acquired by Quality Importers

Quality Importers Trading Company announced the acquisition of XIKAR Inc. This will create the largest premium cigar accessory supplier in the United States, if not the world. Scott Almsberger and Kurt Van Keppel will continue to run operations for XIKAR as minority partners in the new enterprise. They will also assume Executive Vice President roles respectively. Scott and Kurt will both report directly to Michael Cellucci who will continue as President and Chief Operating Officer. Mike Giordano remains as Chief Executive Officer

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Accessory Review: Xikar | Linea Single Flame Lighter

That brings us to one of the best features.  The price.  The MSRP of the Linea is only $29.99.  And don’t go thinking that this “budget” lighter isn’t still a performer.  Xikar still backs the Linea with a lifetime warranty, just like the other Xikar lighters that cost two or three times as much.  Functionality, efficiency, and reliability all in such a meager price point is not easy to do, but Xikar did it with the Linea.  The Linea is available in Yellow (pictured), Red, Blue, and Black.  It is available where Xikar products are sold, and at

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Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar Case

The wow factor in this case comes from the top. It is a metal accent piece with a nice polished finish. The narrow fins with the black contrast insets are meant to mimic the look of the cooling fins on an engine. Just like the cruiser motorcycles that this look is meant to emulate, the contrast of the black leather against the shiny chrome is a classic look. Even with the v-twin styling, this case would also feel at home in the breast pocket of your favorite business suit.

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Accessory Review: Xikar | Turrim Single Lighter G2

In Late 2014 Xikar announced the Turrim Double Flame lighter coming in at a hefty 5 x 64.    Designed to fit into your favorite Xikar Travel Humidor. At this year’s IPCPR Trade Show, Xikar revealed the Turrim Single Flame version.   The Single flame version comes in at a very reasonable 4.5 x 50.  If you have seen or read up on the Original Turrim you would find this version has all the same features you would expect.   

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Accessory Review: Xikar | PUROFINE High Performance Butane

Just prior to the 2017 IPCPR trade show, Xikar announced a few new products they would be showing off, one of those being a new kind of butane for cigar lighters, called PUROFINE High Performance. This new mixture of butane was originally designed for use in high-altitude location over 6,000 ft where oxygen is less abundant, but as they were testing the product, they found that it could also be used to increase current flame height and performance of any lighter.

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