Quality Importers Unveils Limited Edition 'Year of the Dragon' Accessory Collection - Cigar News

Quality Importers Unveils Limited Edition ‘Year of the Dragon’ Accessory Collection – Cigar News

Trading Company (QI), a prominent supplier of accessories to the premium cigar market, has announced the launch of the ‘ Four-Piece Collection.' This limited-time offering commemorates the Chinese with a selection of themed cigar accessories, each featuring custom gold and red dragon graphics.

The collection includes four pieces:

  • Humidor Supreme® 20 Count Traveler Humidor: A Mahogany humidor adorned with a dragon design, retailing for $57.99.
  • 5-Count Cigar Caddy® Travel Case: A black travel case with dragon graphic, priced at $31.99.
  • ® Perfect Cut Cigar Cutter: A cutter with a gold dragon scale design, available for $99.99.
  • Palió PRO® Antares Lighter: A double-jet flame lighter with a dragon motif, with an MSRP of $64.99.

Retailers have the flexibility to purchase the collection as a set or select individual items. The collection offers cigar enthusiasts the opportunity to integrate the imagery of the dragon into their smoking experience.

The Humidor Supreme® can store 20 to 30 cigars and comes with a humidifier to maintain optimal conditions. The Cigar Caddy® ensures cigars are protected while traveling, the ® cutter offers precision cuts for an improved smoking experience, and the Palió PRO® Antares Lighter is crafted for reliability and style, tested to function at altitudes up to 11,000 ft.

Retailers can place their orders through the end of March, with wholesale pricing set at $100.00 for the set. QI is scheduled to commence shipping on February 19th.