Casdagli Cigars Announces Cypher 3311 Line for PCA - Cigar News

Casdagli Cigars Announces Cypher 3311 Line for PCA – Cigar News

Cigars will be showing off their most exclusive cigar yet at the tradeshow next month. The line was inspired by WWII and is dedicated to all the war heroes. More specifically the number 3311 refers to Jeremy's Grandfather's, Major A. T. , POW number. The “Coat of Arms” used as this line's primary image replicates one of his Grandfather's wartime embroideries.

The new line will ship July 2022 and is limited to 4,000 of each of the 4 sizes per year, meaning only 16,000 cigars per year will be made. The four sizes are named after secret codes that his father would pass in artwork he made while captured. There are two different blends between the four sizes Lorenz and Enigma use an Ecuadorian wrapper, and undisclosed binder and filler. Needle and Colossus use an Ecuadorian wrapper, Ecuadorian binder, and Peruvian, Dominican, and undisclosed filler. The Lorenz is a diadema that measures 9.2 x 58. Enigma is a double corona that measures 7.5 x 49. Needle is a box-pressed Churchill that measures 7.5 x 48. And the Colossus is a Gordo that measures 6 x 60. All comes in boxes of 8 and each box contains 8 coffins. MSRP will range from $50-60 per cigar.

I have always wanted to honour my Grandfather's artistic legacy as well as his service during WW2. It was not until 2012 when the Imperial War museum confirmed that not only did my Grandfather conduct a brave protest against the Nazis with his cypher messages hidden within his artwork created within the war prisoner camps but that he was also a member of MI9 which included the planning of POW escapes, the gathering of intelligence and the passing on of that intelligence through clandestine communications to London.

Jeremy , the Founder of Cigars

A percentage of every cigar sale will be donated to the Red Cross whose relentless work continues to alleviate human suffering across the world.

In celebration of the new cigar line the luxury accessory brand Villa Collection will also be republising the book “A Stitch in Time. God save the King – Fu*k Hitler!” that is the main source of inspiration for the cigar line. The book is composed by Jeremy's father Captain A. RN and depicts the four years in the life of Major A. T. , Jeremy's grandfather in 1941-1945 as a POW during WW2. 25% of the book's proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. Also, there will be the thematic silk pocket square. Both items will be available for purchase at Villa Collection online shop.