Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame Lighter Info

released the in 2018 as a followup to 2017’s HP4 quad flame we reviewed and loved here. The uses an in-line configuration of triple flames with the outside jets angled 8 degrees toward the center so they converge into one big flame. The comes in 4 finishes: Burnt Yellow, Daytona Red, Matte Black and G2. My sample is the Daytona red. The also features a large adjustment wheel, pull-down ignition, and EZ-View Fuel Window. MSRP is $99.99.

    Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame LighterAccessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame Lighter

Look & Feel

The is much less cumbersome than its bigger brother the HP4, which is exactly what I was hoping for. It lays much flatter in your pocket or in a case, although it is still slightly too thick to lay down in the accessory compartment of the Xikar Cigar Locker that I still use all the time without the lid sticking up a bit, and is really my only complaint about this . The takes everything I loved about the HP4 and gives it to you in a thinner and, dare I say, more appealing package. Technically is isn’t a ton or smaller than the HP4, it’s actually wider, but the thinness is exactly what makes it better.

Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame LighterAccessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame Lighter

The appearance of the is great. It’s got sleeker lines and an overall better shape than the HP4. I also love that you can get it in the same color as the VX2 V-Cut and Ensō, which I have. It’s pretty awesome rolling into an event or busting out the cigar locker with a group of friends and handing out a matching set of accessories. I have to mention the honeycomb texture on the back, button, and flip-lid as well. It’s a small detail, but really makes a difference when holding it in the hand, that little extra grip is nice.

Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame Lighter

Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame LighterPerformance

Since starting to use this I am completely sold on the linear 3 flame setup. My biggest complaint with the HP4 was that the flame was sometimes too big. This happened because all 4 jets are in a square pattern and converge at the top. Here, with the , it’s a small difference, but a dramatic improvement and I actually prefer it. With the three flames, you can of course still use all that firepower at your disposal to light a larger cigar fairly quickly. What’s new, is that when you turn the sideways, you can now get that precision smaller flame for minor adjustments. It’s the best of both worlds.

Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame LighterFunctionally, the is exactly what you expect from . It lights pretty much every time, has the red indicated fuel window so you know exactly how much fuel is left, and it feels really good and solidly constructed when you flip the top open and pull down the ignition. Also, of course, if has the large adjustment wheel which has pretty much become standard these days and sometimes taken for granted. One cool addition to this adjustment wheel is the arrow and marker to show you a reference point for your preferred setting. You can easily go back to the flame height you normally keep it at if you turned it down to fill it.

Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame LighterOverall

I love love love this , it may be my favorite . You get the precision of a single flame when you want it, and the massive lighting power of a when you’re first lighting. My dad loved it so much after using it during my testing that I got him one as a birthday present. In my opinion, this is well worth the $100 price tag, and you can find it cheaper if you look around. This will be my go-to for the near future and has a permanent spot in my Cigar Locker.

Accessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame LighterAccessory Review: Xikar | HP3 Triple Flame Lighter

Verdict: Extraordinary
(Highly Recommend)