Cigars proudly announce the launch of The Trinitas. This is the third blend from Cigars and is being released following ’s two inaugural blends – the El Padre and the El Santo.

The Trinitas is a bold approach to the cigar design. It delivers a powerful punch as a triple ligero consisting of a San Andres wrapper with fillers including a Honduran leaf paired with the renowned Nicaraguan leaf. The Trinitas exists in a class of its own as a soft box pressed 6.5 inch double torpedo body and a $12 MSRP.

Trinitas translates to “trinity” in Greek. This pays tribute to co-founder Jim Faber’s faith and perseverance through the attempted kidnapping on his life in during the time of origin for Cigars. The Trinitas packs a combination of bold and smooth flavors that provide an enjoyable smoking experience each time. The physical assembly of the Trinitas allows for a clean, low maintenance effort from the cigar holder. Co-founder Jim Faber says, “These cigars have a higher purpose, but they are world-class on their own merit.”

strives to create premiere cigars with integrity while giving tribute to its Honduran roots. Faber used his knowledge, passion, and connections to the wonderful country to launch Cigars in Fort Worth, Texas in 2016 alongside business partners Raymond Zinar and Reed Grafke. Faber says, “My prayer and hope is that one day Cigars will be able to come full circle and be in a position to give back to the country that gave me so many great experiences, life lessons, and memories.”

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