Atabey Limited Edition Humidor Will Go on Sale at PCA 2023 - Cigar News

Atabey Limited Edition Humidor Will Go on Sale at PCA 2023 – Cigar News

Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco has announced that his Atabey Limited Edition Humidor will finally go on sale at PCA 2023. The item was first shown off at last years PCA show, but the company wasn’t ready to take orders on it yet. Each luxury humidor with gold trim and black gloss finish contains sixty Atabey cigars, five of each size in the portfolio. The sizes included are Hechizos 4 x 40, Divinos 4 2/5 x 50, Idolos 4 x 55, Brujos 5 x 52, Sabios 5 1/4 x 52, Delirios 5 3/4 x 55, Duendes 6 1/8 x 54 (Torpedo), Spiritus 7 x 40, Ritos 6 1/8 x 55, Misticos 6 3/4 x 56, Dioses 8 x 50, and Benditos 7 1/4 x 58.

Nelson Alfonso is know for his packaging artistry and his luxury cigar brands Alfonso, Byron, Bandolero, and Atabey. Atabey is produced every year in limited quantities and then rested for a minimum of five years post roll. The Limited Edition Atabey Humidor features four compartments; two side drawers, a front drawer, and traditional humidor lid to accommodate the 60 Atabey’s inside from the 2017 vintage. The Atabey logo takes inspiration from the Goddess of the Taino. It was the Taino Indians who first smoked a primitive form of what is known today as a cigar while praying to their Goddess Atabey. This spiritual ceremony was known as the Cohiba and the tribe communication to Atabey was communicated through their spiritual guide, the Behike.

I have worked on many international projects throughout my career. This Atabey Humidor is the most special to my family as it celebrates the entire line of Atabey.

Nelson Alfonso, principal of Selected Tobacco

Atabey cigars are rolled in Costa Rica at the Tabacos de Costa Rica factory. The blend uses and Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, undisclosed binder, and undisclosed & Peruvian Ligero filler.

250 Atabey Humidors have been produced, and the first humidor will be on display at the Atabey Lounge in Frisco, Texas at Industrial Cigar in May. The Atabey Humidor MSRP is $3,999 which includes the price of the 60 Atabey cigars and the luxury humidor. 60 humidors will be released this year at PCA 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.