Cavalier Genève Opens Cigar Distribution Facility in Danlí - Cigar News

Cavalier Genève Opens Cigar Distribution Facility in Danlí – Cigar News

Cavalier Genève Cigars is continuing its plan to vertically integrate by opening a distribution facility to support its newly opened factory and multiple cigar brands. This new facility will allow the company to service their U.S. market retail partners directly. Early last year, the company opened their own factory, Fabrica Centroamericana de Tabaco S.A.

The new distribution facility, Cavalier Premium Cigars HN SA, also includes sales support services and is located in Danlí, Honduras near the factory. The warehouse offers door-to-door service with UPS to all its US retail partners to ensure reliable and fast order fulfillment.

The growth Cavalier has been experiencing over the last few years and particularly since the factory opening allowed us to start looking to the next steps we had to take towards taking control of our future. The distribution facility, now known as Cavalier Premium Cigars HN SA fit our strategic plan. We will now be able to not only control our flow of product better but also offer customized and personalized support to our trusted partners in the US market – we hired key people for new in-house sales support positions within this new operation.

Sébastien Decoppet, Cavalier’s founder

In addition, Cavalier has started a partnership with Andrea Paz , a local Honduran artist, who painted a 39-foot-long mural and additional art works within the office space at the warehouse. These artworks will be showcased during customers visits to the facility.

This is a new step of our involvement within the local Honduran economy and its amazing people. We have a lot more exciting projects on the books that will be realized with Andrea in the near future and look forward to exporting some of her work to cigar aficionados across the world.

Brian Motola, Sales Director and partner at Cavalier