Cigar News: Drew Estate Announces Liga Privada 10 - Year AniversarioToday Drew Estate announced the latest addition to their Liga Privada line, Liga Privada 10 – Year Aniversario. This cigar commemorates 10 years since Drew Estate release the first Liga Privada No. 9. It will be shown off at the Drew Estate booth at this years IPCPR trade show.

Cigar News: Drew Estate Announces Liga Privada 10 - Year AniversarioThe blend uses a Criollo wrapper, San Andres Otapan Negro Último Corte binder and Nicaraguan and Honduran tripa leaf. It is presented in 10 count boxes and uses a unique Cola de Pescado head, and Pies Tapado foot. The cigar comes in one vitola, a , 152mm x 52, and has an MSRP of $179.00 per box.

From the Wynwood Safehouse, “The hard work began deep in the Valley, hunting for the dense lush leaf required to turn our dream cigar into a reality. This cigar symbolizes the bond of partnership between farmer and manufacturer to grow a Criollo Capa that is worthy of unmatched celebration. Exclusively grown for Drew Estate, I challenged Willy Herrera and the factory team at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate to create the cigar that could live up to the Broadleaf Bully that we have come to love, to celebrate the 10 years of Liga Privada.”

Cigar News: Drew Estate Announces Liga Privada 10 - Year AniversarioThe production is limited to 10,000 cigars or (1,000 boxes) , Robusto, Corona Doble, and Torpedo sizes will follow in future crops.

From Little Havana, Miami, Master Blender Willy Herrera, “It was a deep honor to be entrusted with adding the next chapter to Liga Privada and leading the Factory Blending Team. I am proud to report that the harvests of the Connecticut Criollo by our farmers were successfully fermented at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, and the cigars have been aging for this celebration. We have worked out the details in regard to fermentation time, style, and temperature. Much like we had to learn with No. 9 Broadleaf and T52 Habano, we continue to increase the amount of Connecticut Criollo we can ferment. This does not come with insignificant risk as one small mistake can ruin the entire crops we have harvested. Our farm team is already planting the next harvest of Connecticut Criollo for this upcoming growing season, however this cigar will be extremely limited for the next few years as we continue to invest in our ability to manufacture with this exquisite tobacco.”