Some might say this is the best of two worlds.

Louisville-based Ted’s Cigars has partnered with , a division of The Boston Beer Co. (NYSE: SAM), to create a craft beer-seasoned cigar.

The cigar has ’ sweetness and maple and vanilla flavors along with a spicy flavor from the tobacco blend, according to a news release.

Ted’s Cigars is a wholesale and online seller of several lines of premium cigars, including licensed brands for Maker’s Mark Distillery Inc., Jim Beam bourbon and Grand Marnier liqueur, Business First previously reported.

Cigar News: Samuel Adams Flavored Cigars Now Available

Cigar News: Now Available

The cigars are hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic and flavored at Ted Cigars’ Louisville’s headquarters.

The cigar will be available through Ted’s website, Ted’s also released a Patron Anejo cigar last month.

“Aficionados of both cigars and beer know that subtle flavors and delicate touches can elevate the drinking or smoking experience tenfold,” Ted Jackson, president of Ted’s Cigars, said in the release. “It’s exciting for us to work with such an innovative brewery to create these one-of-a-kind cigars.”

The release of the cigar is in conjunction with ’ recent rollout of its 2013 batch of Utopias, a barrel-aged beer. For the 2013 batch of ’ Utopias, the brewers aged a portion of the beer in bourbon casks from Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Utopias 2013 is 28 percent alcohol by volume, and will make fewer than 15,000 bottles of the limited-edition beer. Its suggested retail price is $199.