Alec Bradley Announces Fine & Rare BC-(13)4EV - Cigar News

Alec Bradley Announces Fine & Rare BC-(13)4EV – Cigar News

For the eleventh time, is releasing their limited edition cigar this April. This iteration will be limited to 2,500 boxes and called the .

The cigar was originally intended for a November 18, 2021 release, but supply chain issues pushed that back. The cigars comes packaged in a collectable high-gloss, two-tone blue box and ornate cigar bands.

brand advocates have come to expect the arrival of the annual release to tobacconists in November. We are disappointed by the delay, but we are still very excited to bring to market! We want to assure our tobacconist partners and consumer supporters that has not ceased the annual tradition of . will be worth the wait!


The cigar measures 7 x 50 making it the first Churchill sized cigar in the series. The blend uses ten different tobaccos including an estate grown wrapper from Trojes, Honduras, and a blend of rare binder and filler leaves from and Honduras.

Unlike previous 10-count sets, the upcoming release will include a special eleventh cigar, called -B, celebrating the 11th anniversary of the project. -B's size and blend are not being disclosed yet.

The made its first appearance in 2011, It is an iterative project that Mr. Rubin created to push the boundaries of cigar blending. Each version of uses 10 unique tobaccos.. Due to the complex nature of , only a single pair of master rollers have ever been entrusted to construct them.

will be urging tobacconists to sell the entire 11 cigar experience as a single unit. Only 25,000 and 2500 -B cigars were produced for the release. For the US market, MSRP is $260 per box. International prices will vary. Presale of to appointed tobacconists worldwide will begin shortly and are scheduled to ship in April 2022. is being produced at Fabrica De Tobaccos Raices Cubanas- Danli, Honduras.