Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva CoronaCigar Info

Last year, released it’s first regular production cigar since 2012. Originally, it was going to be called the Facundo, but was changed before launch to Gilberto. Facundo is the name of  the son of Melanio and father of the family’s current eldest member, Gilberto Sr. The change was made due to a trademark conflict with rum maker Bacardi, though otherwise the cigars and packaging are mostly unchanged since it’s original inception. Today we are reviewing the  | .

This cigar was reviewed blind (no bands) by a panel of at least 4 reviewers. They did not know what they were smoking beforehand. The scores are an average of all the reviewers' scores with outliers removed.

There are two versions of the , the regular version uses an Indonesian wrapper over an Ecuadorian binder and Nicaraguan filler and the Blanc uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over an Ecuadorian binder and Nicaraguan fillers. Come in five vitolas  and are priced for value: Robusto (5 x 50) — $5.80, Toro (6 x 50) — $6.10, Torpedo (6 x 52) — $6.40, Churchill (7 x 50) — $6.40,  (5 3/4 x 43) — $5.25.

Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva CoronaVital Stats:

Length: 5 3/4″
Ring Gauge: 43
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Indonesian
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Blender: Unknown
Number of reviewers: 4 () () (irratebass) (Jokey Smurf)
Price: $5.25
Age: 5 Months
Release Date: June 2017
Contributed by: Blind Man’s Puff

Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva CoronaInitial Impressions

Appearance: 88

“Sample number 743 is a moderately lumpy sized cigar that is sporting a dusty medium brown wrapper leaf. The seams are a bit loose looking and there is a double cap.” – (Jokey Smurf)

Aroma: 90

“Aromas and flavors of a faint fruity leather tantalize the nose and palette. ” – ()

Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva Corona

Blind Cigar Review: |

First Third

Flavor: 91
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“Cold draw I pick up white pepper, wood and coffee notes. Getting a marshmallow element with some rye mixed in quite interesting. There is an underlying sweetness that is trying to come out. ” – (irratebass)

“Medium in strength just a little white pepper spice on the finish. The wrinkly seam popped figures. Burning green grass which isn’t a appealing flavor for me but this is blended well with the rest of the profile and not over powering. Its a nice dirty profile as a whole, but also has some other things that are added. Things that can be picked out in order of occupancy burning green grass black/white pepper earth molasses and cinnamon. ” – ()

Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva Corona

Blind Cigar Review: |

Second Third

Flavor: 91
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“Buttery rich vanilla woodsy flavors are in play this third. Floral notes introduce them self into the mix on the later half of this rich and buttery third. Excellent. ” – ()

“The cigar is a bit more earthy here in the second, and maybe some spice creeping in as well. There is also some cream showing up in the middle of the second.” – (irratebass)

Final Third

Flavor: 92
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

Blind Cigar Review: Oliva | Gilberto Reserva Corona

Blind Cigar Review: |

“The final portion continued to ramp up in strength as the pepper moved fully to the front. Additionally there is a bit of charred wood. The smoke really thickened up in the final third… Letting me have fun with some nice smoke rings in the cool evening air.” – (Jokey Smurf)

“The same base notes of buttery cedar with some added black pepper usher in the remaining third. A truly delightful finish. ” – ()

Overall Impressions

Draw: 94

“There are no issues at all in the draw of this sample. The light resistance really helped me keep this relatively thin cigar nice and cool.” – (Jokey Smurf)

Burn: 92

“No touch ups required and stayed lit all the way through the review” – ()

Construction: 91

“Appearance wise this could have been better but the performance was pretty good so I’m still rating construction as very good. A little more attention to the small details by the roller could definitely improve the overall score.” – (Jokey Smurf)

Overall Strength: Medium
Overall Body/Complexity: Medium
Experience Overall: 91

“The cigar definitely smoked better than it looked i was glad for that. The manufacturer surely isn’t trying to win anyone over with appearance. That being said it was an enjoyable cigar the profile had several layers you can tell there was some hard work in blending. It was very consistent. I would smoke more” – ()

“Right in my wheelhouse. An excellent example of a mild/medium smoke with plenty of flavor to offer! This one was so enjoyable it brought tears to my eyes as it slowly faded away. The rich and distinct flavors were spot on and do not disappoint at all. Smoke this, buy this, all day long. ” – ()

“This was a nice pleasant smoke that I would absolutely smoke again. I believe this was a or even a petite . There was plenty of transitions to keep my attention. Starting out with wood, chocolate and rye then switching up to earth tones then settling out with cream…..very interesting smoke. ” – (irratebass)

“Forgetting about the imperfections in the roll and the relights this was a pretty good cigar. Ultimately its all about the flavors, and I really liked what this cigar gave me. I’d gladly smoke another of these and I think a fiver should be welcome in anyone’s humidor.” – (Jokey Smurf)

Smoking Time (in minutes): 64

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Blind Cigar Review: |

Overall Score – 91 – Very Good

  • Appearance 88% 88%
  • Aroma 90% 90%
  • First Third 91% 91%
  • Second Third 91% 91%
  • Final Third 92% 92%
  • Draw 94% 94%
  • Burn 92% 92%
  • Construction 91% 91%
  • Overall Experience 91% 91%