Camacho Announces Factory Unleashed 2 - Cigar News

Camacho Announces Factory Unleashed 2 – Cigar News

Camacho (owned by Davidoff) has announced a follow-up to last year’s Camacho Factory Unleashed, which scored a 93 in our blind testing: Camacho Factory Unleashed 2. This new version will come wrapped in a Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper, contrasted with the original’s Ecuadorian Corojo.

This, and the original blend, take their name from the factory in which Camacho cigars are rolled. The blend for Camacho Factory Unleashed 2 uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and corojo fillers from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The shaggy foot allows the flavors of the corojo tobaccos to combust and manifest their earthy and spicy flavor notes before taking in the flavors from the wrapper. The cigar comes in the same single size as the original, a 6 x 50 toro.

In addition to the bundles of 10 similar to the original release, Factory Unleashed 2 will also be available 100-count rustic wooden crates of which 1,000 units will be sold. 2,500 paper wrapped bundles of 10 cigars will be sold via eCommerce platforms. The cigar carries a retail price of $8.00 and goes on sale April 21, 2022.

Introducing the second release of a blend that represents the unorthodox potential and barrier breaking innovation of our factory is a privilege and an honor. It goes without saying that the mighty Corojo is the core component in the blend that carries our badge of boldness, and the shaggy foot symbolizes the fearless character of the Camacho factory to always push boundaries even further. The aromas and flavor of this blend will indulge the palates of Camacho fans as well as expand the diversity of our portfolio.

Lana Fraser, Director of Marketing