Cigar News: Aganorsa Leaf Announces Single Cask Nation Cigar has announced a partnership and new exclusive cigar for J&J Spirits, the company behind Single Cask Nation Whisky. This new cigar, simply called Single Cask Nation, is a rye cask aged premium cigar that comes in one size: a in size measuring 5 1/4” x 50. The blend uses a Ecuador wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder.

Cigar News: Aganorsa Leaf Announces Single Cask Nation CigarJ&J Spirits, brand owner of Single Cask Nation, shipped one rye cask to . From there, they aged the cigars in the cask, imparting subtle notes on the cigar. This is the first barrel aged cigar from .

“Having just dumped a cask of rye whisky,” said Joshua Hatton, the company’s President & CEO, “which was then married with some bourbon to create our penultimate Whisky Jewbilee festival bottling, we nosed the empty cask itself and realized that what we were smelling would go really well with a nice, light-to-medium bodied cigar. Our first thought that came to mind was, “who could we partner up with for tobacco and how could we sell the final product?’”

The cigar will be sold exclusively through Only 200 total boxes of 10 cigars have been made and go on sale 12 Noon EST Wednesday, November 13th. Members of Single Cask Nation will get access to purchase 24 hours early. This membership free and you can sign up by visiting:

Single Cask Nation was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to uncovering and bottling the absolute best casks from Scotland, America, and beyond. All Single Cask Nation bottlings are bottled as single cask and at full cask strength. Bottled for whisky geeks by whisky geeks. Single Cask Nation whiskies, rums, and mezcals are available in more than 25 states in the US, they also feature 10 online exclusive bottlings per year. The company also has one of the nation’s leading industry-insiders whisky podcasts called “One Nation Under Whisky.” This podcast can be found on any and all podcast apps, Spotify, and smart speakers.

Jonathan Miller is the company’s Cigar Czar and worked to make the project happen. Hatton continued, “with Jonathan’s deep connection within the cigar world we knew he’d put us on to just the right producer and retailer.”

produces some of my favorite sticks,” said Miller, “and when it came to include as a retail partner, well, I couldn’t think of a someone better to work with.”