Cigar News: Alec Bradley Ships Fine & Rare JRS10 = (86)

Cigar News: Alec Bradley Ships Fine & Rare JRS10 = (86)

Cigar News: Alec Bradley Ships Fine & Rare JRS10 = (86) The first Limited Edition Fine & Rate was released seven years ago. wanted to make “the most complex cigar the world has ever seen.” The goal was to use 10 different tobaccos in the same blend and has become an annual release. This years' is the Fine & Rare , a 6 ½” X 56 Ring Gauge Parejo, which is actually the second time this blend has been released, it was also the 2015 release.

“Fine & Rare is an ever evolving project,” Rubin said. “It is a concept more than a cigar. Fine & Rare has been a Double Figurado, it has been a Torpedo and a Parejo. From iteration to iteration we play with different tobaccos and different crop years to create a 10 leaf masterpiece. Having learned early on in my career that you must listen to the tobacco and let it tell you when it's ready; I always need to allow the combination of select leaves to dictate the size of Fine & Rare in any given year. For 2018 the only thing I heard was: ‘ Gran Toro'. The tobaccos have married incredibly. The blend is where it needs to be. I am very excited for this release!”

The cigar will go on sale  October 24 and is rolled by only two master rollers. The blend uses an estate grown wrapper from Trojes, covering proprietary tobaccos from Nicaragua and . Only 2500 ten-count boxes were made and are exclusive to Appointed Tobacconists. MSRP is $21.90 per cigar.

Like most other cigars, the Fine & Rare is rolled at the Raices Cubanas Factory in Danlí, .

“Fine & Rare is for enthusiasts to experience and enjoy,” Rubin continued, “the blend is well balanced and showcases the different levels of flavor that every leaf in the cigar offers. With the holidays fast approaching, Fine & Rare is something special that can be shared with friends and family to take enjoyment to the next level!” Rubin added, “Or to find that special moment for yourself to escape…”

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